Argentina said goodbye to former President Carlos Menem

Argentina said goodbye to former President Carlos Menem

Argentina said goodbye, this Monday (15), former president’s Carlos Menem, Dead 90 days ago. Menim served as senator for La Rioja province and was seen at the headquarters of Congress Argentina Before being taken to the Islamic cemetery in Buenos Aires.

“Her daughter Zulmita Menem told the France Press news agency,” Despite believing Catholicism, she is going to rest in the Islamic cemetery with my brother.

Menem will be buried next to his son Carlos Jr., who died in a helicopter crash in 1995. Since Senator 2005, Menahem was honored by the President in Congress Alberto Fernandez And Vice President Christina Kirchner.

Argentine President Alberto Fernandez pays tribute to Carlos Mem, who is being held at the Argentine Congress in Buenos Aires on February 15, 2021 – Photo: Charlie Diaz Azuf / Argentina Senate / Press Release / Reuters

He was the man who spent the longest time commanding the neighboring country – he was president from 1989 to 1999, with a strong inauguration for privatization policy and imports that drove him away from historical statistical and industrial theory of his political power Done, Peronism. Of the Justicista Party.

His privatization and liberal vision have made him a favorite figure for the International Monetary Fund, Wall Street investors, American Republicans and the Davos World Economic Forum.

The body of former Argentine President Carlos Menem is scheduled to arrive at Congress headquarters on February 15, 2021. Photo: Charlie Diaz / Argentina Senate / Press Release / Reuters

Menahem promoted reform of the constitution in 1994, which led to the immediate presidential election, in addition to ending the obligation to recognize Catholicism for the Argentine presidency.

It privatized most public companies and established an exchange rate with a 1 to 1 parity between the Argentine peso and the dollar, a scheme that generated momentary abundance, but which exploded in 2001, the worst in the country’s history Creates economic crisis.

He also waived those most responsible for the last dictatorship (1976–1983), who were prosecuted, as well as members of guerrilla organizations.

He was under preventive house arrest in 2001 for smuggling arms to Croatia and Ecuador. He was released weeks later after the Supreme Court Justice’s decision and was acquitted in the case that lasted 25 years.

Former Argentine President Carlos Menem dies at age 90

1 minute Former Argentine President Carlos Menem dies at age 90

Former Argentine President Carlos Menem dies at age 90

Menim ruled the country from 1989 to 1999 and was the longest-serving president in power.

The illegal arms sales to Ecuador occurred despite the fact that Argentina was a guarantor of peace in the 1995 confrontation between Lima and Quito.

Menaem ran for the presidency again in 2003 and won the first round with 24% of the vote, compared to 22% of Peronist Nestor Kitchener. However, he refused to participate in round 2 as he realized the risk of an avalanche of votes for his opponent.

Carlos Mem received the Rolling Stones band at Casa Rosada in Buenos Aires in February 1995 – Photo: AFP / Daniel Guna

In 2019, Menem was Three years and nine months jail sentence For fraud in a property sale in the 1990s.

According to the Supreme Court, the former president embezzled public money in commercial transactions. To be arrested, however, he must also be condemned by the Senate, which did not happen.

In addition, the former president was acquitted. Jewish center AMIA accused of hiding perpetrators of attack, In Buenos Aires, in 1994.

In the same trial, the court sentenced the former president to head the former intelligence department and a former judge, among other former officials and associates. The attack killed 85 people and injured 300.

Carlos Menem campaign for the presidency in La Rioja in 1989 – Photo: AFP / George Duran

By the end of his life active in politics, Menahem also attended the first virtual meetings of the Argentine Senate amid a coronovirus epidemic.

He was previously admitted to the Argentine Diagnostic Institute (IADT). He was then transferred to Santorio Los Arcos in the Palermo neighborhood of Palermo to undergo a prostate checkup, but was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection that complicated his heart problems.

Fernando Collor (center) and Carlos Mem (right) signed a nuclear security agreement between Brazil and Argentina in 1989 – Photo: Rodolfo Cuenco / IAEA / Flickr

On Christmas Eve, he was induced into a coma after kidney failure. He was later woken up and felt better, but he died in this clinic.

The former president had three children in two marriages, the first with Julema Yoma and the second with former Miss Universe Cecilia Boloko.

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