Ban on wearing shorts in summer, students wear skirts to protest – International

Ban on wearing shorts in summer, students wear skirts to protest - International
Adrian (center) and his colleagues in their skirts protest against the old uniform policy of their school in England (Photo: DailyMail UK/Reproduo)

Around 12 teenagers from a primary school in England Contested The institution’s uniform policy on wearing skirts protested the ban on wearing shorts in class on Wednesday (20/7). Class 10 students at the Poltair School in Cornwall were warned not to dress even in temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius. till boys, the policy is “outdated”.

Adrian Copp, a 15-year movement leader who came up with the idea for not only boys to get shorts, but his and his colleagues girls, who are required to wear skirts.

“We just want everyone to have the option of wearing something this summer, including girls. The teachers supported us and there were eighth grade students who appreciated us,” he told Daily Mail UK. “I definitely thought it was great. really uncomfortable to use Kailas this summer,” he says.

According to the teenager, the school uniform rules do not specify which gender can wear a skirt. However, the board penalized the students after seeing “”.irregularity“, a decision that was soon overturned.

“We were kicked out of classes and banned from socializing for 24 hours, but we were dismiss Because they found us nothing to blame. We didn’t break any rules.”

The boy’s mother, Donna, says that the discussion about wearing shorts has been going on for a long time and this rule does not apply to other grades. “When he went to elementary school, he wore shorts without a problem. But for some reason, they weren’t allowed in schools. secondary. This is an ongoing battle for a few years,” he says.

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For this reason she fully supported Adrian’s plan. “When he came up with this idea over the weekend, he had my full support. Ideally, it would be open for girls to use. Shorts very. Some girls don’t feel comfortable wearing skirts, so it’s all about the students,” she says.

school was Contact by Daily Mail UK, but did not comment on the matter.

On Monday (20/7), the Public Health Agency in England issued a warning to people to avoid exposure to sunlight between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., in order to avoid burns and tired.

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