Battlefield 6 has new information leaked by Insider

Imagem de: Battlefield 6 tem novas informações vazadas por insider

Be aware that Electronic Arts had been working for some time. Battlefield 4, And leaks will inevitably occur at some point. The latest ones hit the internet last weekend and courtesy of Tom Henderson, who made several updates to his Twitter profile.

The first of these is related to the game map. In addition to the image that followed, it was noted that the conflict in this episode would likely be located in Kazakhstan, but it was also likely that the setting would be in Hawaii or Vietnam.

On top of these ideas, the All Thing Games profile on Twitter created some concepts for potential areas of the game. check out:

Extreme climatic conditions

Henderson said the data he received relates to the game trailer (which will apparently be released sometime in May), and shows a major hurricane havoc on the part of the map – and apparently this is a key element of the game There will be mechanics, which will have many moments of aerial battles and more.

So, look forward to what the next Battlefield brings to its package? Leave your message in the space below for comments.

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