Belarus passes referendum to become non-nuclear and help Russia

Belarus passes referendum to become non-nuclear and help Russia
Residents of Belarus record Russian missiles launched from the country towards Ukraine (Photo: Reproduction / Social Networks)

Belarus, also known as Belarus, has announced that it will renounce its non-nuclear status. According to the country, this Sunday (27/2) a referendum to amend the constitution was approved.

The decision comes amid the Ukraine invasion and paves the way for stronger military cooperation with Russia, which has sent and used troops to Belarusian territory under the guise of military exercises. The attack started last Thursday,

Belarusians also recorded Russian missiles being launched from the country to hit targets in Ukraine.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin had put nuclear weapons on alert in response to NATO’s support for Ukraine. He said, ‘I order the Defense Minister to keep the country’s army ready.

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Under the leadership of President Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus has received nuclear weapons for the first time collapse of the soviet union,

The leader announced that he would be able to request nuclear weapons from Russia. “If the West transfers nuclear weapons on our borders to Poland and Lithuania, I will turn to Putin to return the given nuclear weapons unconditionally,” Lukashenko said.

Feather Amendments will also strengthen the power of the PresidentThose who have ruled the country for 27 years, allowed them to remain in power till 2035 and with lifelong immunity from lawsuits.

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