Biden executive orders national newspaper to combat racism in America

Biden executive orders national newspaper to combat racism in America

Signed by United States President Joe Biden, this Tuesday (26) gave four executive orders to combat racism in the country.

Structural racism, unfortunately, cannot be eliminated with a pen. But its recognition is the first step. Along with Kamala Harris, the first black vice president of the United States, the president said that millions of Americans and millions of people worldwide have opened their eyes.

Joe Biden recalled the exact moment this happened: when a police officer dunked an unarmed black man with a knee on his neck for more than eight minutes. For President, “Knee in the neck of justice”.

It was the assassination of George Floyd that sparked months of protests in the United States: the largest movement in the nation’s history. Biden recalled that Floyd’s daughter, Gianna, six, said, “Daddy changed the world.”

Joe Biden replaced four pillars of the US government with four decrees. The Department of Housing is first required to implement non-discriminatory policies; Another orders the abolition of private prisons; Increase the sovereignty of another Native American tribes; And a subsequent call to combat xenophobia against Americans of Asian descent.

Racism has been around longer than the epidemic. But the epidemic has made racism even more pronounced. In the United States, one in 10 blacks is unemployed; One in four times does not have enough food; And blacks and Latino are three times more likely to die than Kovid-19.

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