John Deere farm equipment stolen by Russians in Ukraine has been remotely intercepted

John Deere farm equipment stolen by Russians in Ukraine has been remotely intercepted

Russian soldiers stole equipment worth about $5 million agriculture John Deere from a company dealership located in Melitopol, Ukraine. Together with two harvesters, a tractor and a seeder, a total of 27 vehicles and machines were transported by trucks to villages near the Ukrainian city and the Russian territory of Chechnya 1,100 km away.

It turns out that the Russians not being able to use the stolen products directly converted them, with a total of about $25 million (3), each today. combine harvester In approximately R $ 1.5 million. Equipped with GPS technology and John Deere’s remote locking feature, the equipment was tracked and locked.


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“When the invaders took the stolen harvesters Chechnya, realized they couldn’t even turn them on. because the harvesters were remotely closed,” a source tells CNN Report,

Now, Russian soldiers are looking for a way deadlocked Situations dealing with experts in Russia capable of breaking the software protection of John Deere equipment. Something that doesn’t seem easy (and just not in this case of piracy).

john deere remote control

John Deere has been at the center of the right to repair debate, as its proprietary software prevents farmers from repairing their equipment. like this machinery case agriculture The theft reported by the Russians shows that the company is free to discontinue the goods manufactured by it at any time (even after customers have purchased it).

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In 2020, John Deere claimed that “Never activated this ability [de controlar remotamente]except for manufacturing equipment in China, where financing terms require it.” In any case, some farmers even go so far as to download pirated firmware from the company so that they have access to this level. to avoid remote access.

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Image: John Deere T-Series Harvester for Simple Illustration/Disclosure/John Deere

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