COP26: Softening of fossil fuels in the new draft of the final agreement. police 26

COP26: Softening of fossil fuels in the new draft of the final agreement.  police 26

The final version is still being negotiated by delegates from around 200 countries participating in the conference., and the agreement has drawn a fine line between the demands of the rich and the developing world.

The text maintains pressure to be more ambitious in its plans to tackle global warming and establishes a divide between countries, saying the update of the pledges should take “various national circumstances” into account.

The draft also upheld the unprecedented mention of fossil fuels And the basic demand is that countries set tough climate promises in 2022, but uses weaker language than the first version of the agreement To demand the abolition of subsidies to this energy source.

The change is expressed in the inclusion of the word “disabled” – a word that was not included in The last draft, released on Wednesday (10): “Phasical elimination of coal and subsidized energy” ineffective for fossil fuels,

COP26 ends this Friday, two weeks after the event, but Negotiations on the final agreement are expected to continue through the weekend due to differences recorded so far.According to Reuters news agency.

In general, the first draft already brought specific progress, but did not present details on how to reach the goals needed to increase the planet’s temperature by less than 2 °C by 2100 – preferably no more than 1.5 °C, as That is defined by the Paris Agreement.

The text also calls on countries to submit better pledges next year to tackle climate change, but does not confirm whether this will become an annual requirement. It is possible that this decision will be left to COP27, to be held in Egypt a year from now.

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