Biden visits tornado-ravaged town in Kentucky. World

Biden visits tornado-ravaged town in Kentucky.  World

President of we, Joe Biden, helicopter took off and went, this Wednesday (15), through the city of Mayfield, Kentucky, hit hard by a series of tornadoes last weekend.

US President Joe Biden talks with residents of Mayfield, Kentucky on Wednesday (15) – Photo: Brendan Smailowski / AFP

More than 30 tornadoes occurred primarily in Kentucky, but also in seven other states, leaving thousands homeless and at least 88 dead.

US President Joe Biden visits Mayfield, Kentucky on Wednesday (15) – Photo: Brendan Smailowski / AFP

During the flight, the president saw piles of rubble and the remains of half-destroyed homes, many without roofs or windows.

At the airport, after the flyover, Biden described the damage as the worst he had ever done and said he was “to hear it,” according to the Associated Press. According to him, this type of tragedy “either unites people or separates them”.

“There are no red and blue tornadoes,” the president said, referring to the colors of the Republican and Democratic parties, respectively.

As of Monday, a day after Biden declared a major catastrophe in that state, Kentucky and other affected people had promised all necessary federal aid.

After the White House meeting on the matter, Biden said, “We will be there as long as it takes time to help.” “This is what the (federal) government has warned all governors: whatever you need, when you need it, you will have it”, he insisted.

Globonnews reporter Candice Carvalho Feo, who accompanied the trip, said Biden was aware of the damage it had caused storm in bahia Briefly commented on the problems faced by climate change in recent times and in countries such as Brazil and the United States.

“We have to make a significant effort to tackle climate change, and we can. We have the ability to do it. We have to. Let’s change that,” he said.

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