Black, Gay, Immigrant, Columbia Graduate: See Who Karine Jean-Pierre Is, The New White House Spokesperson. World

Black, Gay, Immigrant, Columbia Graduate: See Who Karine Jean-Pierre Is, The New White House Spokesperson.  World

The White House has changed its face. New Spokesperson for the Presidency of WeKarine Jean-Pierre is the first openly gay black woman to hold the position.

Karin Jean-Pierre has been named the new spokesperson for Joe Biden’s government (Photo: Mandel Ngan / AFP)

In 2018, Carin Jean-Pierre said in an interview: “I am everything that Donald Trump hates.” Four years later, he would be responsible for conducting the President’s speech and answering daily questions from the press. Far from being a newcomer to politics, she has participated in several election campaigns and was part of the teams of Barack Obama and later Joe Biden.

The daughter of parents of Haitian descent who fled the dictatorship of Jean-Claude Duvalier, 44-year-old Karine Jean-Pierre was born in Martinique. their parents moved in We When she was 5 years old and this is where Kareena made her life. A family trip that exemplifies the American dream. His father was a taxi driver and his mother was a caregiver. Before becoming a social worker and then joining politics, Karine graduated from the prestigious Columbia University in New York.

Karine Jean-Pierre is introduced as the new White House press secretary alongside her predecessor, Jane Psaki – Photo: Reuters/Kevin Lamarck

Married to a reporter for the American TV channel CNN, with whom she has an adopted daughter, Karina knows her relationship with the press very well. He has attended several press conferences as Deputy Spokesperson at the White House. Now, she replaces her boss, Jen Psaki, who is expected to take office on a news channel close to the Democrats.

‘Will give voice to so many people’

On Thursday (5), Jane Psaki introduces Karine Jean-Pierre at the end of a meeting with accredited journalists at the White House. Her voice was sometimes choked with emotion, she admired the virtues of her assistant, whom she embraced several times.

Karine Jean-Pierre “will be the first black woman, the first LGBT+ person to hold this position, which is great, because representation is important. She will give a voice to so many people and show that when you work hard and dream big.” If so what is possible,” said Saki.

Equally inspired, the future press secretary said: “This is a historic moment and I am well aware of it. I understand how important it is to many people.”

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