Bolivia election: Exit polls suggest Evo Morlez’s party wins big

Exit polls suggest Evo Morales’ left-wing party has made a spectacular political comeback in Bolivia’s presidential election, although no official results have been released.

Two personal opinion polls suggest that Morales’ Movimento El Socialismo (Mass) candidate Luis Ars won more than 50 percent of the vote on Sunday, with his closest rival, former center president Carlos Mesa, receiving nearly 30 votes. Were %.

The former finance minister under Morales claimed victory in a late-night broadcast from La Paz. “We have claimed democracy and the biggest thing is that we have overcome hope,” said the 57-year-old UK-educated economist, widely known as Lucho.

Ars has vowed to end the uncertainty that has plagued his deeply divided nations since October 2019, when hotly contested allegations of vote rigging against his party led to mass protests, leading to the presidential election. In which country was the Morales forced to surrender? Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

“We will rule for all Bolivians … we will bring unity in our country,” Ars said.

Despite being in slavery in Argentina, Morales, who started the election campaign again, Welcomed “A great victory” for his party. Bolivia’s first indigenous president, a key member of Latin America’s left, tweeted, “Brothers and sisters: the will of the people is strong.” Pink patio Which ruled until its dramatic decline last year, 2006.

Evo Morales speaks of slavery in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Evo Morales speaks from slavery in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on Sunday. Photo: Juan Ignacio Roncoroni / EPA

Even Morales’ nemesis, the right-wing interim president, Jeanine Aze, admitted to coming out on the left. “We don’t have an official number yet, but the figures we do show that Mr. Ars [has] Won 1 election. I congratulate the winners and call on them to work for Bolivia and democracy. ” Tweeted.

Leading Latin American members left, hoping a clear victory of the Ars could help revive Their fate, The result observed.

“Bolivians are married! Viva Democracy! ” Tweeted Brazilian Workers Party (PT) President Glacier Hoffmann.

Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro, Tweeted: “Great victory! United and vigilantes, the people of Bolivia have used their votes to defeat the coup against their brother Evo. ”

If confirmed, the victory would represent a sensational political battle for Mass, which was embroiled in controversy last year when its leader was forced to flee the country after trying for an unprecedented fourth term as president. .

An exit poll suggested that Ars had won A big win, Winning a majority in five of Bolivia’s nine divisions. According to the poll, Ars received 65% of the vote in La Paz, 63% in Kokabamba, 62% in Oru and 51% in Potos.

There may be several days before the official result is confirmed. By Monday morning, election officials had said the turnout was 15% to 34% and about 44% to Mesa.

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