Brazil in Austria reports ‘race for vaccine’ after government locks down on ‘non-immune’ Santos and Regions

Brazil in Austria reports 'race for vaccine' after government locks down on 'non-immune'  Santos and Regions

Born in Santos, Marcia Elisabeth Leite Temel is a retired So Paulo State Attorney and has been living in Vienna for more than three years. She is married to an Austrian and says the population was not surprised by the new measure, as the government was announcing the possibility of a new lockdown due to low vaccination rates and a surge in cases.

Imprisonment without vaccination was announced this Sunday (14) by Chancellor Alexander Schellenberg, who considered the index “embarrassingly low”. About 65% of the population received two doses of the vaccine in Austria, which is one percent below the European average (67%) and far from countries such as Spain (79%) and France (75%).

“There are a lot of people who are against the vaccine, who think it’s bullshit, that the coronavirus doesn’t exist. There are deniers around here too. I take an intensive German course every day and spend six hours at school “Then my class 12, six people were not vaccinated. One of them, during the course, had coronavirus and had to be removed,” he says.

She says that when she began implementing vaccine doses in the country, a rule called 3G was established, which only allowed entry into establishments of people who had been vaccinated, or whose PCR test was negative. , or those who were already infected. As the number of people infected with the virus grew, the Austrian government decided to issue admissions only to those who were vaccinated and tested negative.

With the new remedy, two friends, who are also foreigners, who were taking the course with him, decided to get vaccinated. This is because, to be able to participate in a closed environment, they must submit the PCR tests collected within 48 hours. He will have to do at least three tests in a week.

“A Venezuelan and a Serb are going to get the vaccine because it’s impossible to go to any establishment without vaccination. The other day, I went with the Venezuelan and he didn’t have a vaccination card and didn’t have an updated PCR. We stayed out The security guard came and said that if he was not vaccinated, he should leave, because the outside area belongs to the restaurant, and if the police went there, they would close the establishment. The inspection is really effective,” Murcia it is said.

Despite the new measure, there were no significant demonstrations against the determination, according to Brazil. “I do not see social chaos. There are some demonstrations which are organized in the district first and that is it,” he concluded.

People affected by this measure will not be able to leave their homes except to shop, practice physical activities or seek medical care. Imprisonment will apply to all populations over the age of 12 who have not been vaccinated (or who have recently been infected).

From left: Austrian Interior Minister Karl Nehmer; Chancellor Alexander Schellenberg; And the country’s Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein said during an announcement on November 14, 2021 that those who have not been vaccinated against COVID will be kept in prison until November 15, 2021 – Photo: Georg Hochmuth/APA/AFP

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Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein said the government would assess the consequences of the restrictions within ten days, who urged hesitants to accept the vaccine as soon as possible. Also on Friday he announced that he would implement compulsory vaccination for health professionals.

For the measure to be implemented nationwide, the standard must be approved by parliament and regional government authorities. The states of Upper Austria and Salzburg, which record the worst numbers of contagions, began enforcing confinement on Monday of last week.

This Saturday (13), Austria counted more than 13,000 new cases of COVID-19, the highest number since the start of the pandemic in the country, which has just over 9.8 million residents.

People who have not been vaccinated or who have recently recovered from COVID-19 in Austria will have to serve a prison term from Monday (15) to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, Chancellor Alexander Schellenberg announced this Sunday. Of.

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