Brazil is 58th in global ranking and 4th in total dosage.

Profissional de saúde prepara dose de vacina contra o coronavírus
Health professional prepares vaccine supplements against coronovirus
Photo: Alexandre Silva / PhotoArena / Estadou Contents

Brazil remains 58th in the global ranking of 58% supplements Vaccine against Kovid-19 This Sunday (9), looking at the number of doses per 100 inhabitants. As of this Wednesday (5th), the country occupied 56th position.

The country ranks 9th among the countries that make up the G20, the group of the world’s 20 largest economies. According to the latest data released by the agency Cnn, Brazil appears with a dose of 25.01 applied per 100 inhabitants.

The United Kingdom leads the ranking, with 77.19 doses applied per 100 people. The United States ranks second – with 76.95 doses per 100 inhabitants.

Canada ranks third (41.47), followed by Germany (41.07), Italy (39.14) and France (36.96). Saudi Arabia (29.87) is ranked 7th, followed by vaccines against 29.47 Kovid-19s in Turkey, which are applicable for every 100 inhabitants.

Considering the absolute number of vaccinations, China continues to lead the rankings, with more than 317 million doses already implemented. You America Ranks second with 257.3 million doses.

In this order, India appears, with more than 167 million doses applied, and has recorded the highest number of deaths by Kovid-19 since the onset of the pandemic this Saturday (8) – There were 4,187 deaths from the disease.

Brazil remains in fourth place, with around 53 million doses – the same situation if we consider the G20 countries. However, 13 Brazilian capitals suffer partial vaccination paralysis due to dose reduction.

The United Kingdom ranks 5th and has 52.4 million doses. The data was compiled by the CNN agency with information from state health departments and the website Our world in data, Is associated with the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom.

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