Brazil reports ‘horrific moment’ after Austria’s fourth lockdown decision Santos and Regions

Brazil reports 'horrific moment' after Austria's fourth lockdown decision  Santos and Regions

Marcia Elisabeth Leite Temal is a retired attorney for the State of So Paulo and was born in Santos, on the So Paulo coast. She has lived in Vienna for more than three years, is married to an Austrian, and says she was not surprised by the new measure, as there was resistance from residents in obtaining vaccination agents, leading to overcrowding of hospitals.

While this is no surprise, Brazil says it has become increasingly difficult to undergo confinement again. In the country, the use of masks was already optional in some places, and activities gradually returned.

Marcia and her Austrian husband live in Vienna – Photo: Personal archive/Marcia Temlow

With new lockdown orders in place in Austria, Brazilians comment that only supermarkets and services considered essential functions without restrictions. “It is necessary to go places use of professional masks, The cloth one is not valid”, he added.

Schools in education remain open, but families with children can opt for online or in-person classes. If they choose face-to-face teaching, it is essential Current PCR test or negative antigen To enter the school environment.

“It’s a scary moment, because you can’t see when this will all pass”, says Marcia Elizabeth.

In addition to decreeing the lockdown, the Austrian government announced that, from February 2022, vaccination against COVID-19 would be mandatory. As a result, thousands of people protested in the country. Last Saturday (20) in the capital Vienna alone, about 40 thousand people took part in the march.

“It was comical”, says the Brazilian. Marcia references that, on the same day as the protest, there was a thematic event, even in the open, taking place in Vienna. While the event required the submission of proof of vaccination and identification documents, in protest, people were “absolutely crowded”, apart from not wearing face shields.

Vienna Street on the first day of lockdown, 22 November 2021 – Photo: Lissie Nisner/Reuters

Marcia still talks about the pain of not seeing her family for a long time. She says she had to postpone two trips because of the pandemic, and her family can’t even visit her. “Very hard. A brutal longing”, he says.

“I haven’t seen my family for two years. We have a trip to Brazil scheduled in January, and planned from July. Since everything that happens here happens three months later in Brazil, I’m looking for a new one.” Was disappointed by the prospect of a wave of Covid-19 and a new lockdown in Brazil early next year, and our flights will be canceled again”, he concluded.

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