Brazilian stores offer discounts on PS Plus annual plan

Brazilian stores offer discounts on PS Plus annual plan

as advertised for promotion play daySome stores are offering discount on PS Plus annual plan.

The PS Store hasn’t updated with any offers yet, but if something happens, Looks like this will only be for new customers. If we have any news we will update the post. Update: Promotion is active and in fact only for the new subscription described by Sony. However, there are reports that users with an active membership can take advantage of the promotion. Test yourself (or take advantage of the link below for more affordable prices).

On PS Store Americana (for those with a US account) have a 25% promotion On! Enjoy on your console.

That said, there are stores under consideration that we’ve seen PlayStation fans share on social media. Is that:

* Offer valid while supplies last.

pay attention: Kaboom! has an affiliate link of PSX Brazil And if you decide to buy the product then you generate a commission for the site. Other links do not have partnerships.

If you have seen more offers, do share them in the comments. Remembering that this is a great opportunity to renew your plan before planning Expected growth for July 7.

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