Brazilians are those who are iOS 14.5. But the applications authorize tracking the most

Brazilians are those who are iOS 14.5.  But the applications authorize tracking the most

Update (05/14/2021) – BB

A survey conducted by AppsFlyer analyzed the acceptance of application tracking by Brazilian users after updating iPhones to iOS 14.5, the latest version of Apple’s operating system.

According to the survey, Brazil was the country that had the highest percentage of acceptance among the owners of iPhones, most of which agreed to track applications.

12 May

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12 May

The study, of course, took into account 7% of Brazilians who have already upgraded their cell phones to the new version of the Gigante de Cupertino software. Within that slice, 51% of users allowed the application to be tracked. The analysis was based on acceptance data received from 950 applications available for iOS.

On the podium, Brazil is behind users, French with 7%, and British with 33%. See below, the five countries that are included in the study and their respective numbers:

  1. Brazil – 51% Approval
  2. France – 48% Approval
  3. United Kingdom – 33% Approval
  4. Japan – 31% Approval
  5. United States – 29% Approval

Based on a worldwide study conducted by Flurry, this number of approvals in Brazil is much lower than what was released last week. In this case, 88% of users who have already purchased their iPhones for iOS 14.5. Have upgraded to Denied to Tracking by Applications.

Original text (08/05/2021)

a IOS 14.5. Arrival of This represents a great watershed in terms of privacy for users of Apple’s iOS and iPadOS, because as we all know, new versions of the Apple platform provide more granular control over privacy.

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We are specifically talking about whether to allow companies to send relevant tracking requests for so-called targeted advertising where basically big giants such as Facebook, Instagram and Google look at their online activities ” “To know what kind of advertisements recommend you.

Last search on resource App tracking transparency Revealed that 47% of respondents had allowed companies to track them after the arrival of iOS 14.5, however, recent data Show one more reality.

New numbers have been released by app analytics firm Flurry (owned by US operator Verizon) and suggest that the U.S. Out of 2.5 million active users, Only 4% Has chosen to allow tracking on third-party apps.

In other words, we are talking about a large portion, ९ ६%, who decided to curb the inquisitive gaze of companies under their browsing habits and usage of the system.

The number under consideration is terrible news for firms that rely on direct tracking for their main source of income, such as Mark Zuckerberg’s company, which was able to generate $ 84 billion in revenue from online advertising last year alone.

The practice is widely used by many technology giants and produces some US $ 189 billion worldwide. Although 12% of 5.3 million users decide that they will continue to be tracked by apps, the scenario for these companies is not something to celebrate – after all, 88% of users around the world are allowed to track more than apps will not give.

By monitoring more than 1 million mobile apps, Flurry Analytics is able to provide data on more than 2 billion devices per month, and the good news is that the company is committed to updating statistics on app tracking transparency every week.

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