Brazilians from Ukrainian team reach Polish border on foot

Brazilians from Ukrainian team reach Polish border on foot

Ukraine’s stand Two Brazilian players from Lviv are close to crossing the country’s border with Poland. On Instagram, player Edson Fernando published records of an attempt to leave Ukrainian territory with fellow countryman Tels Brenner and Argentine Fabricio Alvarenga, among others.

Lviv, the city they operate in, is in the west of the country on the opposite side of the border with Russia. The players yesterday (24) boarded a vehicle and headed towards the border, but got stuck in traffic.

This morning (25), Edson published a photo of him walking along a highway with his teammates. This group of about 11 members walks to the register carrying bags and suitcases.

“After walking to the Polish border. All right, thank goodness,” he wrote. Later, the athlete shared a post from one person informing that they managed to reach the border with Poland, but that they still haven’t been able to enter the country because people want to do so.

Edson Fernando Ruk Lviv’s Brazilian teammate from Ukraine arrived at the border with Poland, but has not yet entered the country

Image: playback / Instagram

Revealed by Bahia, the 23-year-old moved to the Ukrainian club at the end of January this year about a month ago. Tols, on the other hand, left Brazil in early 2021 to sign with Olympique Donetsk, also from Ukraine, and was signed by Rukh Lviv only last year. Argentine Fabrico Alvarenga, who has defended coritiba is in 2018 Football Ukrainian since 2020.

Early yesterday, Russia launched a “special military operation” that involved Air strikes and ground attacks in Ukraine, Because of this, the country decided on martial law and Ukrainian Championship has been suspended, Brazil’s embassy in Kiev said Brazilian athletes would be evacuated of the field.

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