Brazil’s action against the elderly with the support of Bolsonaro and Jose Trejano on the Internet

Brazil's action against the elderly with the support of Bolsonaro and Jose Trejano on the Internet
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Elders act against Bolsonaro’s strength on the internet and Jose Trejano’s support

“You Young
Have to live in House
And cheer for Grandparents
“. That was the definition of journalist Jose Trejano
A potential is about 74 years old The expression
Popular two The elderly
Against the government Bolsonaro
After receiving a second dose of Vaccination
Against Kovid-19.

a discussion
There was an issue Twitter
The Economist after this Friday (26) Laura Carvalho
Report your mother ” A combination of
With friend
1968 generation A. The expression
After the second dose “. See the tweet:

Trejano, who has already taken First
Dose and will take the second one on 9 April if Nature
From “take the carnage” to take to the streets Presidency

in chit chat
With the IG reporting team, Journalist
He said he would accept the performance until this happens Later
Full circle of Immunity
– 15 days duration is waiting
After the second dose.

“Ever since he launched the idea, I thought Interesting
. Now it’s good to wait The people
. At 90, 80 is higher Difficult
Go. If we wait June
, And people would have taken Monday
Dosage. And you have to wait two more weeks to consider yourself Immunized
. It is not taking a second dose and ‘ Perish
Everywhere. But I liked the idea. Since the young cannot leave, we will leave old
”, Completed Trejano.

Virus spread

In posting, some people Questioned
Economist about the possibility of Spreading
Resulted in new coronoviruses Congestion
It’s a protest would cause
. Science suggests that vaccines No
Develop virus, but can still spread
. The effects, however, are not Important
Since spaces have expressions Open

Opposes North american
George Floyd died in the midst of the epidemic, No
Directly affected the number of The affairs
. So a study of says Researchers
From university Oxford
. In total, 326 cities, with 756,077 participants, staged 868 protests. After 22 days, rate Average
Cases increased 0,49%
. Cities where it works No
Happened, was average 0,41%
. Statistically, there were no significant effects on it Eligibility
Virus because it is an open space and because participants use too expensive

Historical investment

The Trojans called this act ” to start
“A Historical Reversal.” No
Let’s stay back Young
For the first time, young people who Will twitch
For us.”

According to the journalist, this is just One
Regarding the measures that have taken place since the government ” failed
“In combating the epidemic and Lost it
your part Voters
Due to lack of Politics

“That last Protest
What happened was Best
In recent times. Hit employees The pan
And loudly. They were Worn
. it went well Expressive
. Shows that people want to oppose
. But if we had waited a little longer, we would have Excess
People participating. We never think so [essas manifestações] It is possible. I think then they Will grow
. If you leave it June
Or in july September
There will be more people, so I October
And by the end of the year it will be Multiplication
“, Finished.

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Jose Trejano also has You are welcome
in the streets. “To get out on the streets First
Time, after a long time, people old
I Vaccination
Taking to the streets against the government Massacre
. You can’t call it a massacre Captain Chloroquine
. The youth have to live in House
Waiting for news of what’s going on Grandparents
Or uncle or parents did. “

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