Britain discovers secret passage into a 500-year-old house, unearths a mysterious vault and goes viral on the web; Watch.

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Life imitates art, doesn’t it?! For those who thought about the plot of the film “parasite“Was impossible, so take a good look at this story… Briton Freddie Goodall wired up No TIC Toc After revealing a secret passage behind a bookcase inside his home, which is more than 500 years old. But unlike the movie that won Oscar, the atmosphere of the room can serve as a backdrop for a horror movie.

In the first video, the boy explained that the property has been with his family for only 30 years, but several historical records came together. In an old photo, one can see a door that used to be in the library in the past, but Freddy never knew about it until then, as there was currently a bookcase in place. Curious, he examined the piece of furniture and found that there was already a design of a small door and screws on the bottom.

When disassembling such a panel, they found a very poor “alley” that provided access to an upper room, completely dark and dirty, and at the same time had enough room for another family to live. . With the success of the first video, Freddie recorded more moments of his “adventure” around the house. In the second recording, he shows that the residence is full of surprises, such as a mirror that is actually a door that gives access to the winter garden. But, in this case, everything is planned and the family knows.

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Back in the secret passage, now with a more powerful flashlight, Goodall was able to imagine that the location also provided access to completely destroyed underground tunnels, where it was possible to find pages of old books and a lot of debris. Is. “Tickets go from one end of the house to the other. When the routes were in use, I believe there were a few kilometers underground running to nearby buildings and a church., Fredy said. Not to mention the more mysterious stairs, which were just as bizarre as the previous ones, now with an added bonus: a safe!

In other publications, the British filmed the true saga that turned out to be the mission to unlock the vault, which probably served as a good advertisement for the item, as many of the methods were of absolutely no use. But more curious than all Maria Phifis – and not afraid of what would happen inside – Freddie persisted until he succeeded. And it turns out that everything worked out to complete her exploratory saga around the house.

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Inside the vault were books telling more about the history of the house – one of them dates back to 1848. The boy also found a letter written by Spencer Compton, Marquess of Northampton, when he visited the residence in 1837, and a signed floorboard. by George Stewart, Earl of Galloway, in 1807. In the early 1900s, the house served as an educational institution. It suggests that Freddy found graffiti in underground tunnels, abandoned school books and desks, to name a few. “I found a lot of names engraved on the wall that looked like school kids walking around there”, concluded.

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