Britannica tells how she punched a crocodile to save twin sister

Britannica tells how she punched a crocodile to save twin sister
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  • From BBC News in Puerto Escondido (Mexico)

credit, Georgia Laurie

Picture Introduction,

Georgia and Melissa were swimming in a pond in Mexico when a crocodile attacked

Like all horror stories, Georgia Lowry started off harmlessly.

In a lively hostel in Puerto Escondido, Georgia, Mexico has been trying to make sense of the past few days, fiddled with his phone and surrounded by other backpackers, shortly after being released from hospital.

Sure, she went through a real nightmare—and it’s no surprise that, since the episode, she’s had difficulty sleeping.

She, her twin sister Melissa, from Berkshire, southern England, and a few other friends decided to join a boat trip on the Manialtepec Lagoon in Mexico. It is a place of natural beauty, where the mangroves are full of rich wildlife.

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