British man arrested after skiing overseas in Ireland to meet his girlfriend

British man arrested after skiing overseas in Ireland to meet his girlfriend

A man was arrested earlier this week in the United Kingdom for stealing a jet ski Scotland To visit the Isle of Man Girlfriend.

Dale McLaughlin, 28, of Irwin, Scotland, was sentenced Monday to four weeks in prison for violating the Isle of Man. Coronavirus The law, due to travel to the island on Friday, the BBC Reported.

According to the Isle of Man, the island has been closed to non-residents since March, with a few exceptions. Website. Violations carry a maximum of three months in prison or a fine of up to 10,000 (approximately $ 13,500), the BBC reported.

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Isle of Man Chief Minister Howard Kiel told the broadcaster that he was “surprised” by McLaughlin’s visit.

A man took a jet ski across the Irish Sea to visit his girlfriend on the Isle of Man last week. (iStock)

According to the BBC, McLaughlin never flew a jet from the Scottish Isle of Whithorn, to the Isle of Man, to Ramsey before buying a Scott to cross the Irish Sea last week.

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He allegedly believed the trip would take him only 40 minutes, but some bad weather extended the trip to four and a half hours. ਨਿ. The York Times.

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According to the Times, once McLaughlin arrived at Isle of Man, he still had to walk 15 minutes to the town of Douglas, where his girlfriend lives, according to the Times.

Although the two were able to spend time together over the weekend, McLaughlin was arrested on Monday and charged.

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According to the Times, Kyle said, “This person was aware of the law and made a negligent choice in choosing to break it, joining the community and potentially endangering lives,” Kyle told the Times. According to

“On the Isle of Man, we’re all for beauty,” Kuala said. “But unfortunately, it was an incredible, reckless, dangerous endeavor that could have ended very differently over the course of the year.”

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There are only four active coronavirus cases on the island, according to the Isle of Man website.

The BBC reports that with the exception of the border closure, most people’s lives have returned to normal, which has been the case since March.

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