Bruno Dentas is TCU’s ‘Ze Neto’ – 06/06/2022

Bruno Dentas is TCU's 'Ze Neto' - 06/06/2022

singer countryside When criticizing the tattoos of Zé Neto, Anita In “Toba”, he attacks the singer for his alleged use of public funds for performances by Rounet Law – which she denies – while he himself was performing, receiving from the municipality of Soriso, Mato. In Grosso, 400 thousand reais cash of public money.

Federal Audit Court minister Bruno Dantas accused former attorney Delton Dalgnol of refunding daily rates and amounts paid for trips to Lava Jato – an operation that recovered billions sent from Petrobras to the public treasury – while Their own trips to TCU cost BRL 261,400 between January and May 2022, of which BRL 47,300 just for daily rates and tickets for “tours” through European and Asian countries, made between February 25 and December 13 March Went. March, when Danta visited the supervisory bodies in Warsaw, Riyadh, Vienna and Paris.

“She’s the one who spent the most,” tweeted Metropoles reporter Tasio Lorraine, who disclosed the data on Sunday, June 5. “In the past five months, he also traveled to Asuncion, Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Lima, Quito, Delhi, Cairo, Rio de Janeiro and So Paulo.”

Two days earlier, on June 3, another spectacle had already fallen against Lava Jato, when the Federal Court suspended the process reported by Dantas at TCU against Dallagnol, calling the measure “justice in this case”. The only “solution” was to restore.

In the decision, Judge Augusto César Pancini Goncalves, officiating at the 6th Federal Court of Curitiba, considered the process “illegal” and said that the former lawyer was not the author of the expenses, nor “designed the model of payment of daily and associates”. Was.’ way”.

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According to the magistrate, Dantas made “speculations” about Dallagnol’s involvement “obviously not true” and “appears to premeditate the case”, showing “a perceived lack of impersonality”.

Appointed by Lula to the CNMP (National Council of the Public Ministry) and Dilma Rosseff to the CNJ (National Council of Justice) and TCU, Dantas is the same minister mentioned in the denunciation of ex-governor Sergio Cabral, giving him allowances. had met. From businessman Josley Batista and attended the opening dinner of Lula’s own campaign for this year’s elections with Rennon Calheiros.

The unqualified member of the operation, which resulted in the arrest of PT and his right-hand man, Jose Diersu, among other choralignists and cronies, is a fundamental part of PT’s strategy to clean up the pre-candidate’s image, without support. Other people not directly or indirectly affected by Lava Jato, they are all also interested in stopping Dallagnol and Sergio Moros get elected.

The incorporation of political narratives by courts made up of patrons not only serves to shield sponsors, but also makes headlines on television news broadcast across Brazil, to legitimize the party’s strategy in the eyes of voters.

For example, instead of oversight, the country’s funding shows up with money from parliamentary amendments, such as his colleague Rennan for the winter festival, which would pay 370 thousand reais in fees to Luan Santana in the Alagos city of Mar Vermelo, Where even because of the paucity of sewage, Danta wasted even more public money with daily rates, tickets, trips and hypocritical lawsuits against those who collected the stolen money.

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TCU’s ‘Ze Neto’ should see more of his navel than anyone else’s ‘Toba’.

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