Bubble Show and Film Festival for one person only; Discovery of forms of fun in epidemic | Fantastic

Bubble Show and Film Festival for one person only;  Discovery of forms of fun in epidemic |  Fantastic

Swedish Lisa says, “It was just dropping the phone, forgetting the worries and enjoying many great movies.” He won a competition at the Gothenburg Film Festival in Sweden and won the right to watch dozens of films alone. There were over twelve thousand film registrations from around 50 countries.

But Lisa had a big point: she is a nurse, and was at the forefront of fighting coronovirus for almost a year. The separation took place in a luxury hotel on the island of Potter Noster, which in Latin means “Our Father” – as sailors pray in the midst of normal storms in the region.

Wayne Coin, leader of the band Fleming Lips, managed to promote a group in the midst of an epidemic, but under complete protection.

For nearly 20 years, Wayne has used this plastic bubble to be used by the public in the band’s show. In June 2020, Talking Lips was invited to perform on a talk show. The presenter was at home, but the band tested Bubbles with an audience of around 20 people.

Wayne began to take the idea seriously and researched how to make a big show possible. The band bought dozens of bubbles, which were slow to arrive as they arrived from China. So there were a few weeks of testing with the technical team, in late January, they did the first show on this model.

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