Buying glasses from EOPYY: how to get 100 euros

Buying glasses from EOPYY: how to get 100 euros

Apply for the purchase of optics and receive compensation, without going to a unit of the National Organization for the Provision of Health Services (EOPYY).

you will need:

your personal taxinet password
Protected member’s AMKA
Required supporting documents in electronic form
A valid and active Bank Account Number (IBAN), in which you are the sole beneficiary or co-beneficiary
your mobile phone number
After entering, select “Personal Request for Benefits” and then “Submit” and select “Visual”

Step by step to get compensation

1. Visit the EOPYY website-

2. Select “Health Insurance File”

3. Enter the taxinet code or (if you have one) enter a personal EOPYY code. (Indirectly Insured enters the Platform with their own code unless they are minor protected members)

4. Enter your AMKA (the user logged in in the previous step) and press “Login”

5. Select “Personal Benefit Request”

6. Select “Submit”

7. “Request subject” for the compensation of glasses: select “Optics”.

8. Enter your home postal code “TK”.

9. ENTER IN THE “CONCERNS” FIELD AND FILL AMKA IF IT IS INDIRECT OR DIRECT MEMBER. (Indirectly Insured Enter your AMKA after selecting “Indirect Member” and the rest of his/her Personal Data will appear automatically. Enter Directly Insured Person only in “Beneficiary Details” field. Indirect for Minor Protected Members Do the same for the insured members.

10. Enter your email account and mobile phone in your contact details.

11. In the beneficiary details you directly fill the details of the insured and IBAN bank account from which you want to receive the amount of optical compensation. In the field “Requested amount” we enter the exact amount of the document (receipt) delivered to you by the Optics Store.

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12. In the Referral/Opinion statement you see the available opinion of eKPY benefits (Table “Available”). Select the number immediately below the barcode in the EKPI benefit report provided to you by your ophthalmologist, and press the arrow to move it to the “Selected” panel.

13. Upload the requested required documents (receipt of payment, certificate of optical store, first page of the bank book certifying the IBAN number entered by you) by scanning “+” or with a simple photo.

15. Click “Submit a Request” and wait for the confirmation.

14. You press the square button to keep the original supporting documents for 5 years and the data and supporting documents at your own risk

16. ATTENTION – After submitting the request, note down the protocol number and enable FIELD so that it can be detected in case something goes wrong and you do not get compensated for the optics.

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