Capcom released Street Fighter 6. I was accused of adopting third people

Capcom released Street Fighter 6.  I was accused of adopting third people

capcom announced street fighter 6 in the early hours of Monday (21) and even released a short trailer ryu Luke, where it shows the final logo of the game.

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Gamers fell at the helm of the company because, apparently, the logo of the sixth main game in the franchise is a modified version of an image from Adobe Stock Images—a site that provides content such as photos, videos, illustrations, and more for creative projects. Is. – The cost of which is 80 US dollars.

On Twitter a user named Aurich LawsonArs Technica’s creative director also commented on the franchise’s new logo.

“The new Street Fighter 6 logo on the Adobe stock website is $80. I don’t even know what to say. I knew it was normal, but I didn’t know it was that bad. They searched SF on the logo site and found Rounded out some corners and added 6,” the tweet reads.

As mentioned, the logo template available from Adobe Stock isn’t exactly the same as the new Street Fighter 6 logo, but it bears an uncanny resemblance. In the Capcom logo, the hexagon is tapered, with the center of the letters sloping down and some corners rounded.

But since the logo available for purchase on the website is AI/EPS file, it means that it can be easily changed in Adobe Illustrator. So the perception of gamers and internet users is that it was bought for $80 and there was little change.

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Street Fighter 6 was announced by Capcom this Monday (21), with a trailer, and for now, that’s all we have in the game. In the announcement, the publisher stated that it is developing the fighting game sequel, which aims to “take the fighting game genre to a new level in the world of esports, while using cutting-edge development technology to create an engaging game experience.” Is.”

Capcom also announced capcom fighting collectionA collection of ten classic games, including Darkstalkers titles that were never released in the West.

For more information about Street Fighter, Check out the enemy’s analysis of the latest game in the series. The text reads: “Street Fighter V is a respite within the fighting game scene. A restart both for the company, which has been working with SFIV for nearly eight years, and for players, without the new challengers Half adjusted.”

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