Check out 7 Breeds of Dogs That Are Quiet

Check out 7 Breeds of Dogs That Are Quiet

If you want a puppy that doesn’t make as much noise, check out some of the quieter dog breeds below.

have one pet What brings a special color to the life of any family, if it is a dog, the happiness multiplies, as these animals are much more than a simple company.

Because they have been by our side for thousands of years, selection made the dog an almost perfect companion, after all, he plays, knows how to give affection, receives affection and is capable of learning many things. But with increasing urban density, a very common behavior for dogs began to become a problem: barking too much.

So, if you don’t want to have problems with neighbors, check out the list we’ve taken apart dog breeds that are the quietest,

  1. king charles spaniel: Small and obedient, loves human company and usually barks very little.
  2. Basenji: These dogs were selected to be highly intelligent hunters, so they are one of the quietest breeds in the world.
  3. years of age: Very athletic and calm, this pet is intelligent and loves physical activity.
  4. Borzoi: This breed, originally from Russia, is very quick and affectionate. In addition, it makes virtually no noise.
  5. Australian Cattle Dog: Since it is a sheep dog, it requires a lot of physical activity from teachers to be happy. However, you can repay this dedication with an affectionate life and without any fuss.
  6. monkeyDogs of this breed generally like to be with children and get along very well with children. Their temperament leads to a more sleepy life and, in general, with little barking.
  7. St. Bernard: This spacious may not be ideal for an apartment, however for those who have a large garden and still do not want to hear the barking, this friendly big man could be the right choice.

To ensure your puppy’s health and good behavior, always have the company of a trusted vet throughout the puppy’s development. beast,

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