China records highest number of Covid cases in 21 months – World

China records highest number of Covid cases in 21 months - World

Xi’an, the Chinese city with 13 million residents, announced a “total” cleanup campaign and more severe restrictions this Sunday (26), the day the country registered. high numbers cases of COVID-19 In 21 months,

Officials announced this Sunday 206 new casesHighest number in just one day since March 2020.

China has been implementing a “zero COVID” strategy since last year and has stepped up surveillance to prevent an outbreak of the disease ahead of the Beijing Winter Olympics in February. But sporadic outbreaks continue to be detected.

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After a small outbreak of covid, the city of Xi’anThe temple, known for its terracotta warrior sculptures, has been in ‘lockdown’ since Thursday.

Of the 206 infections reported this Sunday, Xi’an was responsible for 155 new cases of the coronavirus, raising the total to 500 in recent weeks. To stop the spread, officials announced mass testing in the entire population.

He Wenquan, a senior Xi’an government official, said about 29,000 people had been isolated in hotels.

This Sunday, the city will begin a “total” disinfection.

And the restrictions were tightened. In every three days, only one person can go out of a house for the purchase of essential items. Earlier it was possible to go out every two days.

China has been implementing a “zero COVID” strategy for more than a year to limit new cases as much as possible.

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