China urges Fortress Taiwan to increase arms sales

China urges Fortress Taiwan to increase arms sales
Washington: The United States is planning to sell seven major weapons systems to Taiwan, including mines, cruise missiles and drones, four people familiar with the talks said as the Trump administration has stepped up pressure on China.
Estimating seven sales at a time is a rare departure from a years-old rare route in which US military sales of Iceland were scrapped and carefully calibrated to ease tensions with Beijing.
But the Trump administration has become more aggressive with China in 2020 and sales will increase as relations between Beijing and Washington are at an all-time high due to espionage allegations, a long-running trade war and controversy over the spread of the novel. Coronavirus.
At the same time, Taiwan’s desire to buy arms has increased since President Tai Ying-wen was re-elected in January, and he has taken the initiative to strengthen Taiwan’s defense.
Taiwan is China’s most sensitive regional issue. Beijing says it is a Chinese province, And condemned the Trump administration’s support for the island.
Washington is eager for a military confrontation balance for Chinese forces, based on an effort inside. The Pentagon Such as “Fortress Taiwan“As Beijing’s military continues to make aggressive moves in the region.
Taipei’s Office of Economic and Cultural Representation in the United States did not respond to a request for comment.
Taiwan’s military is well-trained and well-equipped with most US-made hardware, but China has a large numerical superiority and is assembling its own advanced equipment.
Lockheed Martin Co, Boeing and General Atomic Exports are moving forward, said three people familiar with the status of deals on Capitol Hill, and expect a notification from Congress within weeks.
Said an industry source Donald Trump This week’s packages were to be briefed by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Some deals were requested by Taiwan a year ago, but are now only being processed through the approval process. A State Department spokesman declined to comment.
“There is no balance today. It is out of balance. And I think it is dangerous,” a senior US official said, referring to the Chinese commitment to the Taiwanese ship.
Trump’s White House has sought to export weapons to US allies seeking to reduce their reliance on US troops and strengthen their defenses by boosting US companies and jobs.
As he fights for re-election on November 3, Trump and Republican supporters have stepped up their rhetoric against Beijing and tried to soften Democratic opponent Joey Biden.
Other factors include Taiwan’s huge defense budget, and the fear in Taiwan that if Trump loses, Biden will be less willing to sell him America’s most advanced weapons.
Taiwan’s interest in American weapons and equipment is nothing new. The island is increasing its defenses in the face of increasingly threatening moves by Beijing, such as regular Chinese air strikes and naval exercises near Taiwan.
A senior US official said increasing Taiwan’s defense spending was a good move, but it had to do more.
“Clearly, Taiwan needs to do more to be able to stop the Chinese invasion indigenously,” the official said.
Drones that can see beyond sight for surveillance and targeting, with advanced missiles and coastal defenses, as well as submarine capabilities to prevent onslaught and anti-submarine attacks, have high levels to make it more difficult to attack Taiwan. Considered an “alcoholic” according to industry and collective sources.
People familiar with the conversation said that the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (Hummers), developed by Lockheed Martin, is essentially a truck-based rocket launcher that Taiwan wants. Taiwan should also buy intelligent anti-tank missiles.
In early August, Reuters reported that Washington was in talks with Taiwan to sell at least four of its best air drones, which could be worth around million 600 million.
Land-based Boeing-built Harpoon anti-ship missiles to protect maritime defense against cruise missiles are also under consideration.
Other systems include “underwater marine mines and water systems and other capabilities to prevent immediate attacks,” Taiwan’s ambassador to the United States said in July.

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