Chinese city of 1.6 million people enters lockdown after registering 1 case of Covid World

Chinese city of 1.6 million people enters lockdown after registering 1 case of Covid  World

Heihe city on the border of China In form of Russia, announced the lockdown after a single case was registered this Thursday (28) COVID-19, with officials trying to control the new outbreak in the Asian giant 100 days before the Winter Olympics.

The Games will be held in the capital Beijing in February 2022, and The Chinese government maintains its strategy of confining entire cities that detect small outbreaks (see below).

The Heihe is separated from the Russian city of Blagovechchensk by the Amur River, and The neighboring country is currently one of the most affected countries by the pandemic.. Apart from the lockdown, all 1.6 million residents will be tested, public transport has been suspended and no vehicles can leave the city.

Severe restriction measures are announced in Heihe two days later A similar decision should be taken in Lanzhou, a city with a population of 40 lakhs. Which is 1,700 km west of Beijing.

A few days ago, the commune of Aijin on the border with Mongolia, also ordered its 35,000 residents to stay at home – except in emergencies.

Over the weekend, officials too Canceled Wuhan Marathon, the city that reported the first cases of the disease in late 2019, and then Beijing (watch video below).

‘Zero tolerance’ strategy

Even with the emergence of the delta variant and the advancement of vaccination, The Chinese government has maintained its strategy of enforcing strict lockdowns on cities that register few cases of the new coronavirus to disrupt transmission of the virus. (watch video below).

The world’s most populous country with 1.44 billion residents, China says it has administered 2.25 billion vaccines against Covid-19 and 73% of the population is fully immunised, in addition to recording only 97,000 cases and 4,600 deaths Huh. since the start of the pandemic.

Chinese officials also say they have reported only 316 new cases in the past seven days across the country, an average of 45 cases a day.

China is facing sporadic and limited outbreaks of Covid-19, as has been the case in the country’s north since last week, But it manages to cut the transmission of the virus after severe lockdowns and mass testing of people to find and isolate the source of the outbreak.

Follows China's policy, with 59 confirmed cases today "Zero tolerance towards Kovid-19"

With 59 cases confirmed today, China follows “zero tolerance for Covid-19” policy

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