Claremont Massacre: DNA Evidence Helps Convict Man Who Killed Two Women in One of Australia’s Notorious Cold Cases

Claremont Massacre: DNA Evidence Helps Convict Man Who Killed Two Women in One of Australia's Notorious Cold Cases

Bradley Robert Edwards was convicted on Thursday of the murders of 23-year-old child care worker Jane Rimmer in 1996 and 27-year-old lawyer Sierra Glennon in 1997. He was not convicted of the murder of 18-year-old Sehra Spiers, who had an 18-year-old secretary. The body was never found, as there was insufficient evidence.

The decision comes after seven months of solitary confinement in the minds of Perth residents in Western Australia.

“The events in question took place 20 years ago but have stirred the memory of many and disturbed the conscience of many,” said Justice Stephen Hall of the Supreme Court of Western Australia.

“The disappearance and possible murder of the three girls was a cause for widespread concern in itself. The fact that the three men went missing from a popular nightlife area is a source of real fear and The widespread sentiment was inspired. “

What happened

The three women were last seen in the morning after spending the night in Clermont’s affluent Perth suburb. Pictures of Spiers – who went missing in 1996 – were plastered around the city and were regularly featured on the front pages of local newspapers.

The disappearance of the Disapparatus spread widespread fear in Perth, where many were surprised that the Claups had been abducted from a suburb such as Clermont, which was considered safe.

“The fact that the three virgins disappeared from the streets of Clermont created what was a mystery of darkness,” Hall said. “It simply came to our notice then that there was a mystery as to who took the three victims.”

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Within weeks of his death, the bodies of both Rimmer and Glennon were found in Bushland. Hall said in his verdict that both were killed with severe neck injuries.

It was recently reported that Spiers was last seen on January 27, 1996. Her body was never found, but there is nothing to show for it, Hall said.

“He was abducted or was about to be killed, but it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.”

For decades, their disappearance has not been resolved. Then, in 2016, the police got a breakthrough.

Edwards – who was jailed in 2016 after being found guilty of two counts of rape – was identified as a suspect.

Police matched samples of Glenn’s left fingernail to match his DNA. The public prosecutor argued that the DNA had fallen under his nails during a violent struggle before his death.

He also said that the fibers on the bodies of Rimmer and Glenn matched those found in the Edwards work car, which showed that he had abducted the two women in the vehicle. At the time of his abduction, Edwards was employed by the Australian telecom company Telstra.

Reaction to the decision

Lee Rimmer welcomed Thursday’s decision, saying more than two decades had passed without knowing what had happened to his sister.

“I think you’re off to something but it’s always been the same. No one is going to bring it back,” he told CNN’s Channel 9.

Western Australian Premier Mark McGowan said what happened to the girls changed the state.

“It caused an unwanted heartbreak and has been involved for almost 25 years,” he said Said in a tweet After the decision. “The pain felt by these brave families will never go away.

“During this long, tragic time, Western Australia has mourned with you.”

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Edwards will be sentenced on December 23, Channel 9 reported.

CNN’s Samantha Beach and Angus Watson contributed to the reporting.

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