The king of Holland retired the golden chariot with the image of enslaved blacks. World

The king of Holland retired the golden chariot with the image of enslaved blacks.  World

Hey Willem-Alexander, there Holland, announced on Thursday (13) that it would no longer use the “Golden Chariot”. A vehicle used by Dutch royalty since 1901 has a panel on its side, which depicts an image of black men kneeling before their white masters.,

The historical relic is at the center of the debate about images of colonialism and racism in Dutch society.

Since 2015, the luxurious carriage made of gold-plated wood, unused by the Dutch royal family, has been put on hold for renovation. Earlier, the gold vehicle was used by emperors for christenings, weddings and other great occasions.

After a complete renovation that lasted five years, the carriage is now the center of controversy in the country due to its decorative panels.

On the left, a painting from the colonial period represents enslaved blacks kneeling before white men and a woman seated on a throne Holland, blacks give him cocoa and sugarcane (see picture below),

Footmen walk along the Golden Chariot, which carries King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima to Nordinde Palace, after the parliamentary year officially opened by the King of Holland in The Hague, Netherlands on September 17, 2013 – Photo: Peter Daejong / AP

Also shows the painting “Homage to the Colonies”. A young white man giving a book to a black boy, a scene said to represent “civilization” by the painter Nicolas van der Ve, 1896,

The discussion on this topic raised the mood in the country.

On the one hand, the groups accuse the monarchy of glorifying an era of racist and inhuman oppression in the country. On the other hand, the keeper of the artifacts consider the cart to be a historical object. Joe reveals key moments of Holland which should not be removed.

In a statement made on Thursday in an official video, the king said he believed Dutch society was not “prepared” to see the carriage known as “Gauden Coats” on the streets again during official celebrations.

“We cannot rewrite the past. We can try to accept it together. This also applies to the colonial past,” Willem-Alexander said. “Gauden quotes can only be used when Holland You are ready for this. And at the moment it is not so.”,

“As long as people are living Holland For those who feel the pain of discrimination in everyday life, the past will still cast its shadow on our times,” said the emperor.

King Willem-Alexander (left) of the Netherlands and the country’s Prime Minister Mark Rutte during a ceremony at the Royal Palace Nordinde in The Hague on January 10, 2022 – Photo: Sam van der Waal / Poole via AP

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