Confederation of Brazil’s athletics asks for selection for Poland’s World Relay Championship

Confederation of Brazil's athletics asks for selection for Poland's World Relay Championship

This Friday, the Confederation of Brazilian Athletics (CBAt) called athletes to represent the country at the World Relay Championships, which will be held on 1 and 2 May in Silesia, Poland. 18 athletes were called to form men’s and women’s 4×100 meters and mixed 4×400 meters teams, in addition to five coaches.

The men’s 4×100-meter team, which has already qualified for the Tokyo Olympic Games, will defend the title of world champion won in Yokohama, Japan in 2019. Paulo Andre Oliveira, Felipe Beardy, Derrick Souza and Rodrigo Nacimo are participating in the United States. The International Training and Competition Camping in Chula Vista, San Diego County, California.

(Photo: Wagner Carmo / CBAt)

The women also participate in camping in preparation for obtaining an Olympic spot in the 4x100m Poland, as the World Cup guarantees a spot in Tokyo for all the finalist teams who complete the race. In the summoned group, Vittoria Rosa, Ana Carolina Azevedo, Rosangela Santos and Lorraine Martins train at the Chula Vista Elite Athletes Training Center. Ana Claudia Lemos (SR Mampituba-SC), Vida Aurora Canetano (Tornado-DF) and Annie Caroline de Bassi (Balnerio Camborio-SC) are in Brazil.

The CBAt Technical Council decided in September to take a larger team in the women’s 4×100 meters, in addition to Valmir Moto Campos, the chairman of the board of directors, not to injure the athletes when the conviction was considered. Of 2020.

The mixed 4×400 meters, which also qualified for the Olympics to be a final at the Yokohama World Cup and Doha World Cup-2019, continue with the goal of improving the sixth place in 2019. For summons, only Brazil has Aisa Coutinho. She won the Open Speed ​​at Bragança Paulisa on 5 April with a score of 52.50.

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With the split, the group of athletes will travel to Poland from two destinations. One part of the summons travels from San Diego to the United States, and another part still defines a date at Sao Paulo International Airport in Guarulos.

Among the selections are Vida Aurora Cateno, Brazil’s Under-20 champion 100m and 200m women’s 2020 4x100m, São Paulo’s Eric Felipe Cardoso, 20, men’s 4x100m and Piau, Joa Henrique Falco Cabral. Mixed 4×400 m.

“We are well prepared and happy with the training sessions held at Chula Vista, which we consider to be our home. In 2019, we made the final preparations for the Yokohama World Cup there, ”recalled coach Felipe de Siqueira, who was responsible for the men’s 4×100-meter team.

The summons are as follows:
4×100 m female
Vitoria Roja (Pinheiros)
Ana Carolina Azivedo (CT Marnehoe)
Ana Claudia Lemos (SR Mampituba-SC)
Rosangela Santos (Pinheiros)
Lorraine Martins (Pinheiros)
Life oro cateno (Tornado-DF)
Annie Caroline de Bassi (Balneri Camborio-SC)

4×100 m musculino
Paulo André Camillo de Oliveira (Pinheiros)
Felipe Beardi dos Santos (SESI-SP)
Derrick de Souza (Pinheiros)
Rodrigo Nasimento (CT Maranhoe)
Eric Felipe Cardso (SESI-SP)

4×400 m mixed
Tiffany Marinho (Orcampi-SP)
Geesa Coutinho (CT Maranho)
Parrot Vittorino de Carvalho (AA Maringá)
Alison dos Santos (Pinheiros)
Anderson Henriques (AABLU-SC)
João Henrique Faleco Cabral (CT Maranhoe)

The coach
Carlos Jose Camilo de Oliveira (ES)
Darcy Ferreira da Silva (SP)
Evandro Lazari (SP)
Felipe de Siqueira da Silva (SP)
Katsuhiko Nakaya (SP)

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