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Doctors are urging the government to implement coronavirus measures to strengthen it England To run case numbers and avoid any other national lockout.

The British Medical Association (BMA) said that unless people strictly adhere to social norms and infection control measures, or implement better measures, infection rates will rise and the NHS will once again be disabled. Will go “because it tries to counter the number of Kovid-19 patients, the Press Association reports.

The warning came after the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, Acknowledging on Friday that the second wave of long-running epidemics has reached the UK.

While doctors want to avoid another national lockout, the BMA said recent restrictions have been insufficient and have failed to make a significant impact on the spread of the infection.

The BMA is asking the government to reconsider the Six Rule, which was banned from social gatherings of more than six people in England on Monday.

The BMA wants to reduce the number of households, which, as it currently stands, make it possible for six family members to meet indoors several times a day.

People react to being photographed as they sit outside on a street closed to traffic, so bars and restaurants can continue to open on Saturday, September 19, 2020 in the Soho area of ​​central London.  The latest lockout restrictions appear to be in place across the UK.  On the cards, as the British government targeted other areas on Friday in an effort to stem the rapid rise in new coronavirus infections.

People react to being photographed as they sit on a road closed to traffic, so bars and restaurants may be open on Saturday 19 September in Soho, central London. Fresh bans across the country in England seem more likely after the government targeted more areas on Friday. Photo: Matt Dunham / AP

It is also appealing to the government to reverse its stance on bringing back employees by encouraging people to work from home to reduce people-to-people contact, including on public transport.

The BMA said unnecessary travel and social gatherings should be made frustrating, while suggesting that societies “exclude” access similar to the chancellor’s eat-to-help scheme to reduce the number of people in restaurants.

It called for the provision of inexpensive disposable surgical masks and for the entry of internal public settings for people over 60 years of age and those who have basic requirements for wearing medical grade masks.

Dr. Chand Nagpal“It is important to reduce adulteration in people at a time when infections are spreading without the ability to diagnose infections,” said the BMA chairman.

“Therefore, there is a need to reconsider the rule of six so that members of six different households can meet indoors for a maximum of two years, and for those who are able to work remotely to travel and return to work. Reverse the excitement. ”

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