Rua de Sp enters the list of ‘the best in the world’ according to English magazine – 10/06/2021 – Tours

Rua de Sp enters the list of 'the best in the world' according to English magazine - 10/06/2021 - Tours

Rua Tres Rios, located in Bom Retiro center of so paulo, was voted as the seventh “best in the world” by the British magazine Time Out. As of the publication, 27,000 cities were analyzed and the 30 best streets were chosen – the big winner being Smith Street in Melbourne, Australia.

Regarding So Paulo Street, the publication highlighted that it is located in a historic neighborhood that is diverse and is in constant development. In between walks around the street, Time Out highlights the Pinacoteca, the city’s traditional museum, which has an exhibition Dedicated to the pair Osgemeos.

Another factor highlighted by the magazine is that street intersections are home to generations of immigrants from different parts of the world, such as Italy, South Korea, Greece and Bolivia. Travel for food is recommended. Bellapan Bakery, the bakery that fuses Brazilian and Korean cuisine.

In addition, a visit to the Casa do Povo Cultural Center is recommended, but the visit will take some time, as the building remains closed due to the new coronavirus pandemic.

The name of Rua Tres Ríos is a tribute to Joaquim Egidio de Souza Aranha, Marquis of Trus Ríos, who was governor of So Paulo in the 19th century – at the time, the political office was called the President of the province.

Filapan Bakery
R. Prats, 563, Baum Retiro, Tel. (11) 3227-1694.

Praca da Luz, 2, Luz, tel. (11) 3324-1000.

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