Corrects error in reopening registration

Reopening of registrations for PCD candidates Pf competition, Held this Tuesday (3/30), Vary the registration confirmation card information.

This is because the candidate Not subscribed PCD vacancies were included in the system to request vacancies for people with disabilities. See the details in the image below:

PF Competition: Registration Error
PF Competition: Registration Error

The company released an official note stating that the problem has already been fixed and the candidates will be able to use the follow page:

“Cebraspe reported that between the afternoon of 3/29 and the morning of this Tuesday (3/30), the registration voucher of the Federal Police (PF) contest candidates presented an error in the information of the contest system. The problem is now fixed. Has been done and candidates can access the page with the correct information of the event.

The reopening of the registration is a result of the agreement of the Federal Police and the MPF, as the agency has to submit to the great difficulties and short-term and multiple demands imposed by the bank at the time of registration for the candidates (Understand here) Belongs to.

The MPF action requested that the presentation of Multidisciplinary report kept out. For the MPF, the disabled person’s statute does not require any advance proof of the candidates, which was required in the notice.

Applicants who qualify for vacancies for people with disabilities should focus on the reopening program:

  • Registration period: 1 March to 30 March 10am to 6pm;
  • Consultation of status of request for exemption from fees and special attendance: 12 April;
  • Provisional list of candidates with deferred registration for PwD: 12 April;
  • Filing an appeal against the provisional status requesting exemption from fees and special appearances: 10 am on 13 April and 6 pm on 14 April;
  • Personal consultation for final status of fee waiver request: April 20;
  • Final list of candidates with deferred registration to compete as PwD: April 20;
  • Registration fee payment: 22 to 28 April
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PF Public Information Summary

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