Most Indian Americans support Biden, but Trump wins, poll says World News

Former US vice president Joe Biden (left) and President Donald Trump

A survey of Indian-Americans found that 66% of respondents favored Democrat Joe Biden for the November presidential election, while President Donald Trump trailed 28%.

According to Indiaspora-API data released on Tuesday, however, Trump has come a long way in 2016, rising above 16%.

The poll also confirms the growing potential of the 1.8 million registered voters in the Indian-American community – 56% of whom are reported to have reached out to Democrats and 48% to Republicans, compared to either party in 2016. Compared to 31% reached by

As the highest-earning community community, Indian Americans are also “flexing their financial muscles,” according to the survey. A quarter of those surveyed said they had donated to a candidate, political party or other campaign organization this year; A three-million-dollar story, with double-digit expectations.

Most Indian Americans, 54%, identify themselves as Democrats, while the second largest group of 24% identify themselves as independents and only 16% identify themselves as Republicans, compared to 45% in 2016, respectively. , 35% and 19%.

The most significant change, or onset, was reflected in the number of White House races. Although the support of Indian Americans for Biden was overwhelming at 66%, it was much lower than the 77% support for Hillary Clinton, the then Democratic candidate, and the brutal 84% for President Barack Obama in the 2012 election. Was

Trump, on the other hand, has grown from 12% to 28% in 2016, and could go up to 30% if he and Biden distribute 6% of smooth respondents in proportion to their current heights.

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That should worry Democrats. Congress’ Raja Krishnamurthy said, “The Biden campaign should be given special attention and it should take a strong approach to communism. Ultimately, he said, these voters will come “home” to the Democratic Party because they have concerns about other issues, especially Covid-19.

Ohio State Republican Republican Neeraj Attani blamed Trump’s growing support among Indian-Americans for his access to the President’s Committee, his stand with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in February, and his neutrality on citizenship reform legislation and other issues. . Repeal of Article 370 on the special status of Jammu and Kashmir, as opposed to Biden’s opposition on those issues.

The position of Biden’s campaign on Article 370 and the CAA has indeed been opposed by Indian Americans, who have argued that the Biden administration will be less friendly to India.

The former vice-president has sought to allay these concerns and assured the community that relations with India would be a “top priority” for his administration if elected. He promised that his administration would also stop China from working with an “amnesty” and show no tolerance for cross-border terrorism, giving notice to Pakistan. He also developed a comprehensive plan for American Americans, focusing on moral crimes and immigration.

As part of its outreach to the community, Trump’s campaign has released a video of a clip from Howdy Modi and Namaste Trump’s programs, in which the President is accompanied by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the United States and India, respectively. Highlighted ties and support for a prosperous crowd.

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Lack of community support is being aggressively promoted by both parties, as survey results show – in 2016 only 31% were approached by either party, 56% by Democrats and 58% by Republicans. , 44% for white voters and 42% for white voters below.

The reason is quite simple. Trump won the 2016 election by a narrow margin of victory in key war-torn states, which he could capture with the support of Indian-Americans, or lose them if Democrats did not win the election, and a large majority to vote. Are able to motivate.

There are a number of Indian Americans who want both Biden and Trump in these states. “Indian Americans are in a position to make a difference in many swing states that could be close in this election, such as Florida (87,000,000), Pennsylvania (1,000,000,000), Georgia (57,000,000,000), Michigan (45,000,000), and North Carolina (36,000,000,000), and perhaps even Texas, which has 160,000 Indian-American voters, ”said Professor of Public Policy and Political Science at UC Riverside and AAP. Data founder Kartik Ramakrishnan said.

He added that the “historic Vice Presidential nomination” of Senator Kamala Harris and the large turnout by Trump and Modi at “Houston” and Houston and Ahmedabad rallies together could make a big difference in this election.

MR Rangaswamy, founder of Indiaspora, said, “Given the growing political importance of Indian immigrants in the United States, it is not surprising that they are being represented on both sides of the throne.”

He added: “It’s great that both major political parties are beginning to understand how important it is to reach out to Indian Americans – our influence is only growing over time.”

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