Costumed Trumpist is teased and Netizens remember Jamiroqui

Seguidor de Trump fantasiado invade Capitólio

The Internet also reacts with humor to the invasion of the US Capitol. The costume of one of Trump’s followers attracted attention and reminded the character of the album cover of the British band, which also has horns

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247 – One of the invaders of the Capitol in the United States received special attention on Wednesday (6) because of his costume. A photo of Trump’s follower wearing a fuzzy hat with horns was shot around the world and was no different on social media.

On Twitter, there was an engagement with the British band Jamiroqui, known for bringing their album, in which a man is covered with horns. The tweeters questioned what the group’s lead singer Jay Ka would say if they saw his “imitation”.

In 2019, JK posted criticism of Trump and Bolsonaro on his Instagram. “We know you’re a big cheater, and you love your shy cheater Donald, but please move the world ahead of your wealth,” he posted at the time. Check some results:

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