Countries fight growing viral cases as WHO sees ‘deadly’ rise

Countries fight growing viral cases as WHO sees 'deadly' rise
Paris: Serious statistics highlight the struggle to bring in officials from around the world Coronavirus Under epidemic control on Saturday, as the United States reported 80,000 infections in a single day, France extended curfews for two-thirds of its citizens and Germany’s death toll rose to 10,000.
The World Health Organization has previously warned of a “fatal” increase in infections that threaten the ability of health systems to cope.
But social isolation and economic hardship have pushed the population back against recent sanctions to stop the resurgence of the virus, including overnight clashes between Italian police and hundreds of protesters in hard-hit Naples.
In the usa Covid-19 “We’re going to end this epidemic, this terrible disaster,” President Donald Trump promised at a rally in Florida on Friday. It has become a central election issue ahead of the November 3 polls.
Challenger Joe Biden, meanwhile, matched Trump’s promise to provide free vaccines to all. who He called it “whether you have insurance or not” and said the Republican incumbent has “given up” on controlling the outbreak.
Johns Hopkins University recorded 79,963 new U.S. cases in the previous 24 hours, a new record, although the number of daily deaths has remained flat between 700 and 800 since the beginning of autumn.
In all, more than 223,000 people have died from Covid-19 in the United States.
France overtook Spain on Friday after a milestone of one million cases, while the government extended an overnight curfew to reduce the spread, affecting about 46 million people.
“Whatever we do in the coming days and weeks will be overwhelming,” Health Minister Olivier Vernon told lawmakers.
And after Germany recorded its 10,000th death from the coronavirus, Chancellor Angela Merkel told citizens to “reduce day-to-day contact by meeting as few people as possible” in a weekly video podcast.
In Poland, President Andrzej Duda tested positive for Kovid-19, although an aide wrote on Twitter that he was “OK”.
WHO chief Tedros Adanom Gabrieus warned on Friday that “many countries are seeing a dramatic increase in COVID-19 cases and are now running close to or beyond the capacity of hospitals and inpatient care units – and we are still Also only in october ”
“We urge leaders to take immediate action to prevent further unnecessary deaths.”
The message was echoed by the European Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC), whose director Andrea Amon warned of an “extreme epidemic situation”.
But moves to reintroduce sanctions have been opposed in some parts of the continent.
In Naples, hundreds of protesters took to social media to protest against the new curfew in some parts of Italy, throwing things at police and setting fire to rubbish bins.
The country is facing its worst post-war recession after two months of national lockouts due to Europe’s worst outbreak, and officials are reluctant to repeat the strict quarantine restrictions so far.
Wales entered a complete lockout on Friday evening, a day after Ireland closed, while Poland adopted a “red zone” lockdown across the country to partially close primary schools and restaurants.
Only Sweden, which apparently refused to impose a lockout earlier this year, remained attached to its guns despite an increase in cases.
After becoming the first European country to officially register one million Covid-19 cases in Spain earlier this week, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said on Friday that the actual number of infections was probably more than three times that.
Across the planet, Covid-19 has now claimed the lives of 1.1 million people and infected about 42 million, prompting the WHO to warn North Golisfire that at a critical juncture, C.
Belgium has seen one of Europe’s deadliest per capita outbreaks and has suffered some of the highest second-wave infection rates in Europe.
“We are losing,” said Benoit Miset, head of the intensive care unit at University Hospital in Liege. We have been overwhelmed. We’re bitter, “he said.
Work is underway on international research to find a vaccine for the disease, which has developed clinical trials for a candidate. AstraZeneca And Oxford University Resumed Friday in the United States, six weeks after a test subject became ill.

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