Couple ate 12 hamburgers, cheated and dared to become a police case

Couple ate 12 hamburgers, cheated and dared to become a police case

Police are on the lookout for a couple accused of eating a dozen hamburgers at a restaurant, refusing to pay and just running away.

This happened on 5 February, when two customers visited the Bite Me Burger restaurant in Marlborough, UK and asked to participate in the “Hamburger Challenge”, in which customers who eat 12 snacks in six minutes get a meal. ,

However, after the team explained that the challenge had to be booked in advance, the couple ordered a dozen burgers anyway and refused to pay after eating them all.

Restaurant owner Simon Vetten told the press that customers owed him £174. “We do something called the hamburger challenge, which is a game where if you can eat 12 hamburgers in six minutes, that’s our bill,” he explained. “But to participate, the customer has to schedule in advance, as we have to be available at the right time”.

“These guys said they wanted to do the challenge, but it was a Saturday night, we were very busy and we didn’t have the staff and time for it. So we said that unfortunately they couldn’t participate. Still, they are still there. Also ordered 12 burgers and said I wanted to challenge. We explained that ‘Sorry, that won’t be possible,'” said Weighton.

The owner of the establishment, on the other hand, said that the couple was not prohibited from ordering 12 hamburgers if they wished, as the order would simply not be part of the challenge.

When it came time to pay, he insisted that the restaurant should pay the bill, as they had apparently completed the challenge, even though they were not monitored, with CCTV footage also proving that the snacks It took them more than six minutes to eat.

After confronting the staff, the couple quickly got up from the table and fled from the spot. Simon Weighton explained, “The staff again explained that it had to be done on time by us. They argued about it with the waitress, she went to call the manager and when he arrived they left.” “So I called them and said, ‘Look, you give me this money, please come back and pay.’ But he called me after he threatened to defame the restaurant on social media.”

Apart from the default, the couple clearly cheated in the challenge, as they did not eat 12 hamburgers within the allotted time. “Later I double-checked the timing on the CCTV footage and it was clear they hadn’t eaten the burger in six minutes, although it wasn’t pre-arranged.”

Weighton later contacted the police, although he knew officers would not attach much importance to the matter. According to him, knowing that he would hardly be compensated or compensated for the loss of his business, it was a matter of principle to prevent the two criminals from getting away, after the hardships faced by restaurants during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In a press release, the Wiltshire Police Department said: “We are now investigating this as a theft and will ask anyone to contact us for information.”

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