Couple fined for stopping where they have been parking for 36 years

Couple fined for stopping where they have been parking for 36 years

A couple from the city of San Francisco, in the US state of California, received a curious fine. After stopping his car in one place for 36 years in front of his house, he received a “parking on the sidewalk” violation notice. The information is from KGO-TV.

The fine was US$1,542 (approximately R$8,348) and if the car was parked there it came in a day with a fee of US$250 (R$1,353).

“Suddenly being told you can’t wear something you’ve been wearing for years is surprising,” Ed Crane said.

Dan Sider, head of city planning, said that decades ago a city code in place to preserve the aesthetics of the neighborhood banned cars from the backyard and front. Officers reached the spot after receiving unknown information.

“I agree that the property owner is disappointed. I think I would feel the same way in his situation,” Cider said. “But the planning code doesn’t allow the city to allow illegal uses to fly under the radar for some time.”

The couple even posed for a photo from 34 years ago to prove that they always stopped cars there. “Why are you moving something that’s so useful not only to us, but to our neighbors in terms of more parking spaces?” Ed Crane said.

In the end, with the family’s effort, the authorities agreed to withdraw the fine, but agreed not to park on the sidewalk with the couple and return only if a penthouse was built on the site.

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