Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin performs fourth manned space mission. innovation

Jeff Bezos's Blue Origin performs fourth manned space mission.  innovation

blue originalfrom billionaire Jeff Bezoslaunched its fourth manned space voyage this Thursday (30). The NS-20 mission carried six people into space from a base in Texas, United States.

The launch took place with New Shepard, a Blue Origin capsule capable of flying into space without a pilot. It makes suborbital flights, in which the spacecraft does not follow a circular path around the Earth.

Blue Origin’s ship in preparation for launch — Photo: Playback/YouTube

About 22,000 viewers watched the broadcast live on the company’s official YouTube channel.

The mission lasted approximately 11 minutes, with the booster rocket landing at approximately 11:06. A few minutes later, at around 11:09, a six-crew capsule also landed in the Texas desert.

These are the crew of the NS-20:

  • marty allencorporate investors and executives in recovery;
  • Sharon HagleyFounder of SpaceKids Global, a non-profit organization focused on early childhood education;
  • mark hagleyPresident of real estate company Tricor International and husband of Sharon Hegley;
  • gary lyceChief Architect at Blue Origin;
  • gym kitchenProfessor at the University of North Carolina, USA;
  • George NieldoPresident of Commercial Space Technologies.

Members of NS-20, Blue Origin’s fourth manned space mission — Photo: Disclosure/Blue Origin

In December 2021, Blue Origin made its third manned flight, this time with six people. Among them was Laura Shepard, daughter of Alan Shepard.Who became the first American to go into space 60 years ago – he is honored with the name of Bezos company’s capsule.

Differences between SpaceX, Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic spacecraft — Photo: Arte G1

Understand the difference between orbital flight and suborbital flight – Photo: G1

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