Couple found ‘secret room’ while opening kitchen cupboard

Couple found ‘secret room’ while opening kitchen cupboard

A couple had an unusual surprise while renting an apartment in the UK. A few days after moving to the new address, he opened the kitchen cupboard and discovered a ‘secret room’.

This episode was shared in the group of Facebook Which is called ‘Things Found in the Walls – and Other Hidden Discoveries’. According to British newspaper Daily Star, A The woman, who did not identify herself, reported that she and her boyfriend were cleaning the new residence when they found the room, the only access to which is a small door located inside the kitchen cabinet.

The room has a window and no floor

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Also according to the post, the tiny room has a window, no flooring, some exposed wires and some building materials.

“I just rented an apartment with my boyfriend and got a room in our kitchen. I’ll leave something awkward for the next tenants when we move in,” he joked.

Other members of the group commented and made fun of the situation. One netizen wrote, “I will turn the place into a haven to read or eat my favorite snacks away from my kids so I don’t have to share it with them.” “I would make it a very comfortable hideout. Is the husband getting on your nerves? Run to the hideout,” recommended another.

Others indicated that the ‘secret room’ would be just a warehouse of sorts.

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