Covid-19: India is the most affected country out of only 20, but cases are still at the top. India News

Covid-19: India is the most affected country out of only 20, but cases are still at the top.  India News
New Delhi: While India is setting new records for the daily Kovid 2018 cases, it is one of the top 20 cases in every other country, with the daily sum now well below the high price – the day They reported the most cases.
Of the latest cases reported by India on September 3, the three-day 77 was 77,387, which was 92.3% of the top of 83,883 cases, which was reported on September 3, which is 80% in any of the top 20 countries. Was not even For the 210 countries and territories for which the European Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC) compiles daily covid statistics, the ratio was the highest for India.
With the exception of Palestine, Israel, Indonesia, Jordan, Paraguay and Iraq, no other country had more than 80% of the seven daily cases in the last three days. And none of these six countries are among the 20 most affected.
On the other Covid-19

All the countries that have reported more than 5 lakh cases have seen a significant decrease in cases in recent times. In the last three days, for example, the number of cases in the United States was less than half of the cases in the country. In Brazil, The current level is less than two-thirds of the top.
Another way to look at the data is to look at how many days have passed since the daily peak cases for each country. Among the countries with the most cases, the US saw 40 days ago, Brazil 35 days and its peak Russia In the case of Peru and Colombia 47 days ago, the peak was a fortnight ago.
Of course, this does not mean that any of them will once again reach the top of the country’s daily cases, or look beyond them. Spain, For example, months later saw a recent surge that made it worse.

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