Covid-19 leads CBF to skip Futsal Copa America in Brazil – 12/30/2021 – SPORTS

Covid-19 leads CBF to skip Futsal Copa America in Brazil - 12/30/2021 - SPORTS

The CBF (Brazil Football Confederation) quit to organize the 2022 Futsal America’s Cup in Brazil. The competition is to take place from 29 January to 6 February at the Olympic Park in Rio de Janeiro.

In an official letter sent on Monday (27) to CONMEBOL (South American Football Confederation) president Alejandro Dominguez, the Brazilian organization cited a rise in Covid-19 cases and a request to revoke restrictions on the movement of passengers. Gave. The request was disclosed and confirmed by GE Portal Leaf,

The preparation of the document had the involvement of the National Commission for Football Doctors (CNMF). The main impasse will be the demand by CONMEBOL to make the rules for entering the country more flexible for athletes, technical commissions, referees, members of the organizing committee and others involved in the event.

As per current rules, visitors must present proof of vaccination against Covid-19 when landing at airports or crossing land borders, with the exception of those who have been prevented from receiving doses for medical reasons and those Residents in the countries have been proven to lack vaccination.

Negative RT-PCR test done before 72 hours or negative antigen testing within 24 hours is also required. Those who are exempt from vaccination passports will have to undergo quarantine for up to 14 days.

Conmebol’s request was not well received by the CBF. In the official letter, the Brazilian organization noted the “difficulty in obtaining the exception by the indicated date” and stated that it is “recommended” to move the competition to another location. The South American Confederation has yet to reveal itself.

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The currency of the CBF was quite different in May of this year, still during the administration of Rosario Caboclo, when Brazil offered to host Copa America football after the withdrawal of Argentina and Colombia, also due to the pandemic. At that time, the CBF and CONMEBOL had the support of the President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro, to carry out the program in the country.

Caboclo was ousted following allegations of moral and sexual harassment, and Ednaldo Rodrigues assumed the presidency of the CBF in late August.

Inspired by the Omron version, the number of COVID-19 is increasing rapidly. Data from Our World in a data platform linked to the University of Oxford (United Kingdom) indicated a moving average of 854,603 new daily cases across the planet last Tuesday (28): a new record in the pandemic. In Brazil, the new strain will already be responsible for more than 30% of contamination, according to the Todos Pella Said Institute.

Climbing has had an impact on the sporting world as well. Authorities in Spain, France and Germany have again restricted the ability to attend sporting events. Clubs such as Real Madrid and Barcelona face outbreaks among their players, and many games have already been postponed.

Last week, Brazil’s futsal team met opponents in its 2022 Copa America group: Uruguay, Colombia, Ecuador and Chile. Argentina, Paraguay, Venezuela, Bolivia and Peru were in second place.

The current champions, Brazil are the biggest winners of the competition, having won ten titles. Argentina is second with two.

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