Cruise Azul vs Tigers: Live Stream Updates Online Updates (0-2) | 10/17/2020

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90 ‘+ 3

The meeting is over. Tiger with little frustration to the opponent.

90 ‘

Three minutes is compensated.

Cruz Azul 0-2 Tigers

Cruz Azul 0-1 Tigers

83 ‘

UANL, Nicholas Lopez’s Leaves and Sanchez Entry Change.

77 ‘

UNL goal! Finished off within the Gignac area.

73 ‘

Yellow card! Aldret de Cruz Azul has been warned.


Blue Cross cancels goal! Escobar is out of position.

68 ‘

Tiger Round! “Tooth” Lopez has already won it.

65 ‘

Yellow card! Cruise Azul’s Emmanuel Reyes is advised.

64 ‘

Cruise Azul’s replacement, Yoshimer Yotan leaves and Santiago Gimenez enters


Yellow Card Gignac! The second of the Tigers.


Caution Nahul Guzman! This is because of the character of the goalkeeper and his gestures in court.


Rodriguez misses penalty kick After a play in which Guzman was misdirected by Tigres’ goalkeeper.


Alvardo survived with his left leg.

45 ‘mt

UANL replacement, Leonardo Fernandez leaves and Eduardo Vargas joins

45 ‘

The first half is over. No emotions!

45 ‘

Rarely shown by spectators in the game.

40 ‘

Yellow card! Cruise Azul’s Jose Rivero has been reprimanded.


Game played on the half moon of the field.


The sky blue team’s Rodriguez is animated and the ball passes close by.


Yellow cards for Luis Romos and Jesਸs Dñdes.

Corner cross corner shot. Without any major risk.

Cruise poses the first threat in an Azul attack.

Cruz Azul has the domain of the Tigers

Cruise Azul: Lineup

Corona, Dominguez, Romo, Aldret, Escobar, Rais, Rivero, Yoton, Alvardo, O’Brien and Cabesita

Tigers: Lineup

Guzman, Rais, Meza, Carioca, Fernandez, Pisaro, Aquino, Rodriguez, Dadoas, Gignac and Lopez

Thus the cruise arrived at the Azul Aztaka Stadium


In the morning, Cruz Azul’s team won 2-1 against Tigres and the result reached the second position of the table. U17, meanwhile, won by a narrow margin over Nivo Vu Lyon, dropping to 10th place with 25 points.

How to watch Cruise Azul vs Tigress live TV and stream

Cruise Azul: The Last Lineup

If corona; J. Dominguez, a. Aldrate, if. Escobar, if. Reyes; If Dominguez, i. Rivero, Y .; Yotan, o. Pinada; If. Rodriguez, s. Gimenez.

Tigress: The last lineup

Guzman, Rodriguez, Ayala, Meza, Celsido, Dudeus, Pisaro, de Souza, Fernandez, Coyons, Gignac.

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Upper rail machine

Despite finishing second in the general table with 26 units, they are not entirely happy as they played two matches in a row without knowing the win. Cruz Azul needs three points to close the gap on the Bajiyo team, which is ahead of the table with 30 points.

Sharpening the claws

After a hesitant start, which also called into question the management of the Filipino captain Ricardo Fratti, the UANL team has received a compass and is already in first place in the rankings in this final of the tournament, making it straightforward for the Tigers. Not to lose on qualification would be basic.

Kick-off time

The cruise Azul vs Tigers match will be played at the CDMX, the country’s stadium Azteca. Kick-off at 10:00 p.m.

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