Crysis Remastered recebe upgrade para Xbox Series X / S e PlayStation 5 •

Crysis Remastered recebe upgrade para Xbox Series X / S e PlayStation 5 •

Crysis Remastered is being patched with support for the new wave of consoles and Digital Foundry was able to receive Xbox Series X and Series S updates prior to launch. Due to the way backwards compatible titles have been distributed, we can’t test the PlayStation 5 version until its release, but fortunately, the wait shouldn’t be too long: we were informed today that the patch has been out – And we will update with this article Print from PS5 as soon as possible.

Similar to PC version 2.1 recently released update, The game has many additions, twists and improvements in addition to the support of the new console. Including the ascension level, a step that was previously completely removed from all console versions, is one of the most important aspects of the update list. Also welcome is the inclusion of the Nanosuit swap mode more in line with the original PC (this may have come in previous updates, but it certainly wasn’t present at launch – regardless, it’s a nice feature and works well is).

However, one feeling is that we still lack some of the features found in the 2007 game, which have been removed for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions and which have not yet been restored to Crysis Remastered. The granularity of the destruction found in the original has not yet been corrected, for PCs the volume is not yet at the level of the original and this effect is completely absent in the Ascension phase that was revived, even if it was in PC Be present. Version of Crysis Remastered. Other features of OG Crisis are also remastered or absent: the animation of Vegeta still runs at a lower update speed than the rest of the game, while the explosions still have no effect on the cards.

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Crysis remakes on Xbox series consoles, receiving full DF treatment, courtesy of John Linman and Alex Battaglia.

Nevertheless, the main feature of the update is support for the new generation of console hardware with both Xbox series consoles benefiting from some potentially interesting updates. Display mode reaches 1080p at 60 frames per second on both Xbox machines, while Quality mode reaches a range of 2160p at 60fps on the Series X and 30fps on the Series S. However, the beam tracing mode works at a maximum of 1440p60 Series X with a limit of 1080p30 on junior consoles. The question is really how far these performance goals are achieved during the game, even with the inclusion of dynamic resolution scales to smooth out the hard-to-render content.

Enter quality detection mode first. When I first played on Series X, my impression was very intuitive, because I was playing on the LG CX OLED screen with VRR. In my opinion, it offers the best Crisis remastered experience on Xbox consoles – it’s awesome! However, VRR is doing a good amount of weight lifting here: Without active functionality, we’re looking for something else with 50-60fps experience. I would love to see the DRS window enlarged to bring it closer to a certain 60fps. And Xbox series? I think 2160p is a very high target, even with the 30fps limit – too many drops and at this low frame rate, the VRR experience can’t help.

Alex re-sent Chrissy Remastered to the PC through its 2.1 update, which introduced DLSS and many other interesting features.

The display mode on the Series X is smooth, it’s close to 60 fixed frames per second, as you’d imagine with its much lower target resolution. However, there are still some performance drops in the occupied territories – which is surprising, given the excessive level of CPU and GPU power in the game. S series? This is a disappointment, operates between 40-50fps. This is generally better than the Xbox One X running in the same mode, but there was always the feeling that we were limited in CPUs, a bottleneck that shouldn’t apply to the Series S. This is a bit controversial to be honest. The ray tracing mode does not hit targets well for Series X owners: it is the lowest-performing mode of all, with the highest drops of the target being 60 frames per second, to the point that the VRR screen also adds to the experience. Can not lubricate. Interestingly, for the Series S with its 1080p30 target, it actually works quite well – it’s definitely the most consistent Crysis experience on low-end Xbox consoles.

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So, finally, we couldn’t make 60fps dream come true on Xbox series consoles with this new update – and given the performance level achieved on the Xbox One X, it’s a bit disappointing. However, the experience can still affect: The quality mode on the Series X definitely works when paired with a VRR enabled screen. As for PlayStation 5 – we’ll be analyzing it once the game is updated but still in pre-release, Cryotech gave us the display mode and 1080p and 1800p60 in quality mode – all with dynamic resolution scales, certainly expected Had. These resolution limits connect to the PS4 Pro’s equivalent output, if you’re wondering why they are lower than the Series X. It looks like this is a limitation of the PS5’s backwards compatibility feature – but we’ll see it more than once. Report global performance as soon as we can.

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