Curiosity: The fan makes a “PS1 version” of Bloodborne; See how the project is doing

Curiosity: The fan makes a "PS1 version" of Bloodborne;  See how the project is doing

Bloodborne PSX One project is being developed by Lilith Walther and is basically a demax from popular to software titles that many players have fallen in love with since its launch in 2015.

You can watch some short videos of the project, which is being done on Unreal Engine, do twitter nesta thread (Her first post is below). In many tweets you can see elements of the game in action and read about the development history of the project.

Analyzing the threads in question, it is possible to notice some of the changes Walther had to make: she looks at how the enemy’s one-stroke death had to be reduced to balance the attacks and to make already Added to the player’s healing mechanics. The difficult game does not seem completely impossible.

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