Cyprus will be the first country to waive quarantine for vaccinators

Cyprus will be the first country to waive quarantine for vaccinators

H.According to the Foreign Office, there are entry requirements for major business hubs in East Asia. Even business travelers, athletes and journalists, despite the new capital waivers, still have to contend with far more stringent rules.

Hong Kong

Passengers arriving in Hong Kong on flights from foreign countries / territories, who are not Hong Kong residents, will be denied entry into Hong Kong.

All travelers entering Hong Kong, including residents of Hong Kong, will have to undergo a mandatory medical test upon coronavirus arrival and a mandatory 14-day quarantine. Access can be placed at a government capital center in Hong Kong.


In addition to Singapore citizens and Singapore permanent residents who are allowed to enter Singapore from the UK (and from many other countries), they must take a negative Covid-19 test (PCR test) within 72 hours of travel. . You will be issued a 14-day Home Notice (SHN) for mandatory quarantine upon arrival.


Non-Japanese nationals wishing to travel for short-term business purposes are also allowed to enter, provided they have a visa. However, under these rules, the number of people entering Japan will be limited, and people going to Japan will be given priority.

Arriving non-Japanese nationals will be required to provide written proof of a negative Covid-19 test conducted within 72 hours of their flight departure time if they have been to the UK in the last 14 days. You will need to provide a written assurance from your company or sponsor that various measures will be followed upon arrival.

All passengers arriving in Japan will have to self-isolate for 14 days upon arrival at the designated destination (such as a hotel or their home) and avoid using public transport, including leaving the airport.

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South Korea

All foreign short-term travelers will have to stay away from a government-designated facility for 14 days upon arrival. Capital from the United States and Europe will be tested at the time of admission before converting to a separate facility; Other quarantine facilities will be moved to the facility and tested within 14 days.

Individuals have to pay around 100,000 KRW (approximately £ 66) per day at different government facilities.

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