Czech Republic richest man dies in Alaska helicopter crash | world

Czech Republic richest man dies in Alaska helicopter crash |  world

Petr KellnerRichest man in Czech Republic, Died in a helicopter crash in Alaska, AmericaIn a statement on Monday (29) called its company PPF Group.

Five people died due to plane crash Of model Eurocopter AS50 And the causes of the crash, which occurred on Saturday (27), are investigated by US authorities. One person was saved alive.

According to the list of the world’s richest people, published by “Forbes” magazine in 2020, the 56-year-old Kallner was a businessman and wealthy with more than $ 17 billion (about $ 98.5 billion).

The group toured the Naik Glacier region, the largest city in the state – from Ski – in Northeast Anchorage. These included two guides from the luxury resort Tordillo Mountain Lodge.

See list of victims:

  • Peter Kallner, 56 years (businessman)
  • Benjamin Larochics, 50 years old (businessman)
  • Gregory Harms, 52 (guide)
  • Sean McManney, 38 (guide)
  • Zachary Russell, 33 years old (pilot)

Kellner and LaRoucheux were “loyal and frequent visitors” to the resort, a spokeswoman for Tordillo Mountain Lodge emailed reporters to the Associated Press.

From photocopying to billions of dollars

With the reopening of the country after the end of the Soviet Union, Kelner began his life by selling photocopiers.

He formed the PPF Group in collaboration with shareholders during the National Privatization Program. The PPF regulates telecommunications in countries in Central Europe and the East.

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