Dark Matter: The bubble of dark matter may be closer to Earth, astronomers say. Science

Dark Matter: The bubble of dark matter may be closer to Earth, astronomers say.  Science

Astronomers monitor the movement of celestial bodies

According to information published by LiveScience, a “bubble” of dark matter may be hidden under our noses. According to astronomers at the universities of Arizona and Harvard, the case is suspected to have dragged a series of stars into the Great Magellanic Cloud, a dwarf galaxy close to our Milky Way, but 200,000 light years away. Earth

a dark matter
This is what experts understand about what makes up most of the universe. Highly elusive and practically impossible to see, Dark Matter has been the subject of incredible distances from space discovered by the greatest experts in physics and astronomy. However, nothing concrete has been found to date.

Scholars have proved in a study that the regular rhythm of a set of stars exists. Great magellanic cloud
This comes from the possibility that he is being drawn by a “bubble” of dark matter.

When it comes to dark matter, scientists understand most people. No one has received proof of fact, but the presence is seen in a range of other actions and movements Celestial bodies
. The consensus is that it forms something close to 85% of the universe, “holding” objects of different sizes and different sizes in steady state and cycles.

If the study of two universities proves that, then the community Astrophysics
This can pave the way for new and more in-depth observations to understand mysterious dark matter.

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