Dead crocodiles reveal the secret of dogs missing for decades

Dead crocodiles reveal the secret of dogs missing for decades

A mysterious disappearance of dogs in the North American state of South Carolina was resolved when a local hunter killed a 3.6-meter crocodile and stuffed it. In the tax assessment process, tags were found to identify the animals, which disappeared inside the reptile’s stomach for the first time 24 years ago.

Five tags were found inside Ravenil’s creature, according to the Cordray Taxidermy House located in the town of Ravenil. Local authorities also found “bulletproof vests, spark plugs, turtle shells and lynx claws” in the animal’s bowel.

“Two labels were legible and a phone number was still working,” the store wrote Facebook. “The dog’s owner said he had been hunting in the same area for 24 years, and these were the dogs with whom he hunted deer.”

The 205-kg crocodile lived in the Edisto River area and was captured “at the request of a neighbor in this area” by Ned McNeely, as reported by the WCIV Channel.

“There is no doubt that he ate dogs,” said Claudia Cordray, a fellow at the taxidermy home. “[O crocodilo] It was an old animal, aged between 50 and 70 years. “

According to the state Department of Natural Resources, South Carolina crocodiles typically grow up to 3.9 meters and live for more than 60 years. The crocodile hunting season ended in October, but the dog-hunting reptile could be caught as it was on private land.

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